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Leadership Giving in Campaign

Leadership Donors strengthen their city by giving $1,200 to $9,999 annually to United Way. Representing all ages and walks of life, these donors lead change in the areas of poverty, kids and communities.

Anyone in any workplace can be a Leader, so consider adding a Leadership Giving element to your workplace campaign. Find below the resources and support that will help you grow Leadership Donors in your campaign.

Leadership Donor Materials & Tools

Leadership Giving Postcard & Logo

Leader ship Giving Postcard 2017

Use this side of the postcard to inform people in your workplace about the impact of United Way and how they can be involved in making a meaningful difference in our city as a Leadership Donor.


Leader Match Postcard 2017

Use this side of the postcard to inform people in your workplace about the Leadership Donor Match and how they can be involved in making a meaningful difference in our city as a Leadership Donor.
Download the pdf




Leadership Donor logo, color - PNG format (general use; transparent background)

Leadership Donor logo, white - PNG format (general use; transparent background)

leadership donors color


Leadership Giving Pledge Forms

The Leadership Giving Pledge Form is for those donating at a Leadership level.

The Leadership Giving Gifts of Securities Form is for those donors looking to donate shares and save on capital gains tax.

Leadership Giving Videos

Videos are a great way to communicate during campaign. Embed them in an email, use them as a United Way Moment, or post them on your company’s intranet to engage your workplace in Leadership Giving.

For the complete listing of Leadership Giving videos, take a look through the playlist on youtube.


Jill's story (4:44)

When Jill's father was diagnosed with dementia, it was overwhelming and devastating for their family. They didn’t know how to support him. With support from United Way partner agencies, Jill and her family were able to access educational and support programs to help them understand her father's disease.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Sama's story (3:03)

Removed from her abusive mother at 15, Sama entered the foster system. Feeling depressed and confused, she reached out for help and found her voice.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Mark's story (3:38)

A happy addition to Mark's family, Gage was born with Down syndrome. He receives support to ensure he reaches the same milestones as other children his age.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

United Way Impact (1:46)

We bring together all areas of community to address social issues at their roots and develop long term strategies to solve them. It’s not a donation. It’s an investment.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Leaders in our community (2:06)

Watch the story of Gary, one man committed to United Way and his community.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Leadership Giving (4:03)

Hear testimonials from Leadership Donors, giving $1,200 or more each year.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Leadership Speakers

Request a speaker with a Leadership Giving focus to give a speech during your Workplace Campaign. In sharing their stories, these accomplished public speakers inspire others to give. To book a speaker, please email us.

Leadership Giving Practices

Please refer to our Leadership Giving Best Practices one pager for ideas and suggestions to effectively incorporate Leadership Giving into your campaign.


Honour Roll

Our annual Honour Roll pays tribute to our generous donors in print and online. Distributing a link to the online Honour Roll gives employees a chance to see how they will be recognized as a Leadership Donor.

Spirits of Gold - Leading the Way Award

Each year, we celebrate the spirit and generosity of workplaces, agencies and individuals who have displayed outstanding leadership and dedication during the annual campaign. This award recognizes organizations and employees who have demonstrated exceptional support of the Leadership Giving program.

Contact Us

If you are looking for additional support for a Leadership Giving campaign, please contact our Leadership Giving team.



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