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Next Steps

  • Development of 2018-2022 Strategic Plan over summer
  • September: Initial draft presented to Board
  • November: Final review and approval

Our engagement phase of work for the strategic planning process is now complete. We have narrowed the broad, over-arching themes that emerged to a more defined focus, and finished our analysis of trends and implications that could impact our work in coming years. Work is now underway on writing the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan which will be presented to our Board of Directors in the fall.

Thanks to everyone who engaged and shared with us their experiences, insights, and recommendations!

We asked. We listened. And now we're responding.


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Numerous data, research, studies, and reports contributed to our Strategic Planning process. Drawing from 18 different sources, we are taking an honest look at the challenges before us and pushing the envelope on how to embrace these challenges as opportunities. We know that to keep pace, we must be more adaptable than ever before.

For an understanding of shifts in the external environment (social sector, economic, political, and philanthropic trends) which influence work in the social services sector, read the environmental scan report.

Environmental Scan Report

What we heard

We undertook the most comprehensive stakeholder engagement to date – 35 engagement opportunities were provided which resulted in more than 615 inputs. Through this process, we have a better understanding of our strengths, needs of our community and partners, and opportunities of how we can work better together.

You told us that our unique competitive advantage is in our approach to community impact. This will be a driving factor in our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.


Read the Discover phase report

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