I am Calgary. A young woman stands in front of a wall, staring at the camera with wide eyes.

A chance to finish high school after dropping out is everything.

Amy always thought her mom drank too much. Some days it was worse than others, but no matter what was going on with Amy’s mom, Amy loved her and knew they are a team.

As time passed, the problems at home became harder to ignore. Amy felt like her mom really needed her, so she dropped out of school to be there for her. The longer she was away from classes, the harder it seemed to be to go back and finish school.

Amy sits in the library of her school, working on homeworkAmy knew she needed help to finish high school.

She got a call about Detour, an alternative for students who want to finish school, but don’t quite fit in at other high schools. She wasn’t sure how it would work for her, but agreed to give it a try. The teachers at Detour were caring, immediately believed in Amy, supported her and motivated her to succeed.

Amy is Calgary.

A chance at a supportive school environment meant Amy was able to finish her high school diploma and go on to pursue her dreams.

Our city needs people like you to support United Way, so Calgarians like Amy are able to complete high school no matter the challenge.

We are all Calgary.

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