Why do you love Calgary?

I’m born and raised in Calgary, so it’s been home- forever- for me.   I love Calgary for the community that it has- the vibrancy, the energy, and the people.  We have an amazing community of people here that I’ve had the pleasure of bringing together, like at YYC CYCLE.   It’s really incredible when you provide a platform for people, how brightly they shine in this community. 


Do you feel a sense of responsibility to create change in Calgary?

I think that we all have a responsibility to the community- to ourselves and each other.  There’s a responsibility for everybody to show up and be as authentically powerful as they can be. It comes from a place of being proud of who you are, and knowing that our differences are what makes us stronger as a community.  We don’t need to understand exactly what everyone’s struggles or challenges are- but if we can elevate each other with positivity, motivation and inspiration, we’re stronger.


What about Calgary inspires you to get involved in your community?

It’s incredible- when given the opportunity to come together behind a purpose, the Calgary community is a very powerful force.  In a year-and-a-half at YYC CYCLE with the Bike Gang, we’ve been able to raise $100,000+ for local charities and initiatives.  Our GIVE’R campaigns support a new charity every quarter- and we give the power to the people, letting the Biker Gang vote on the charities they want to see the money go towards.   


How can we create a culture of philanthropy among Gen Y in our city? 

Everybody has a choice when they wake up every morning to make a powerful impact on not only themselves, but on others.  I believe that giving without the expectation of receiving is true compassion.  When you get a community of inspired people together, things really become possible.  With a clear vision and a calm, focused mind- the obstacles in your way start to disappear. 
Everybody has the ability to inspire others with their words and their thoughts and their actions.

Andrew Obrecht Dares Calgarians from United Way of Calgary and Area on Vimeo.