A group of employees participate in a Brain Architecture Game during their United Way workplace campaign

These engagement activities can help you and your co-workers feel more connected to the community, learn about United Way’s work, and build morale. They can also help bring your workplace together to see the impact of your donation.

Not sure what’s right for your campaign? Take a look at our campaign engagement menu to see what fits your time frame and number of participants. If you have questions, please contact your campaign manager or our campaign engagement team.


Agency tours are a great way to get to know the work being done across our city. They allow your co-workers to get a direct view of how their donations are impacting the community.

You will need to do some traveling for an agency tour, but believe us, it’s worth it!


Make the Month Simulation

Challenge your perspective and experience what it's like for 1 in 10 Calgarians living at or below the poverty line. United Way's online poverty simulation, Make the Month, is an interactive experience where a group makes difficult daily decisions based on a limited budget. A United Way facilitator provides further context and leads an in-depth discussion about poverty in Calgary.

Make the Month was developed in partnership with Imperial and gifted to United Way of Calgary and Area. It’s now available in communities across Canada.

Customize a Make the Month event poster for your campaign.


Brain Architecture Game

Explore the powerful role relationships have on the developing brain. In this facilitated and hands-on activity, teams attempt to build the biggest and most resilient brain using only the materials provided.

The Brain Architecture Game was purchased and licensed; its intellectual property belongs to a not-for-profit partnership. Production and distribution has been generously sponsored by the Palix Foundation.

Customize a Brain Architecture Game event poster for your campaign.


Collection Drives

Each year, organizations across Calgary collect soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner to help low income families and individuals. Donations of hygiene products reduce the operating costs for many agencies and help low income Calgary families.

In 2016, over 60 boxes of goods were delivered to partner agencies thanks to Ausenco, Baytex Energy, Flour Canada, Imperial, Jacobs Canada, Keywest Projects, Tim Hortons, and WorleyParsons.


Poverty Simulation

Learn what it's like to survive day-to-day on a low income. Living on the Edge: A Poverty Simulation is a live group exercise where participants are assigned a role and challenged with the difficult choices many Calgarians face. This facilitated session encourages discussion around poverty in our city.

The poverty simulation kit was purchased and licensed from the Missouri Association of Community Action.


A team of staff from Repsol smile during their 2015 United Way Day of Caring volunteer experience during their workplace employee campaignVolunteering

Our Day of Caring® volunteer opportunities are a great way to team up and get involved in your community. These opportunities boost morale, promote team-building and promote your company’s visibility in the community. They also actively involve you in improving the community through direct assistance to a local organization.

These opportunities require a minimum of three weeks to plan. Please contact us at 403-231-2615 or email our team.


For more information on these and other opportunities, contact our campaign engagement team.

Please note that from September to December these activities are reserved for workplaces running a United Way campaign. If you would like to book an activity at another time of year, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request!


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No matter your campaign theme or goals, these resources will help you engage your co-workers while having a fun campaign!


Include Ambassadors

Ambassadors play an integral role in any United Way workplace campaign. These vital volunteers should believe in United Way’s work and be supporters themselves. Ambassadors rally co-workers, answer questions and provide information on United Way’s work and giving options, return cash and cheque donations to their campaign team, and thank supporters.

Learn how to become an Ambassador with our Ambassador Guide

Contact your campaign manager to set up a training session


Share Leadership Giving

Anyone in any workplace can become a Leadership Donor, giving $1,200 to $9,999 annually to United Way. Including information about Leadership Giving is a great way to show co-workers how they can have broader impact in their community.

Use some Leadership Giving materials {coming August 2017}

Share the annual Honour Roll

Learn more about Leadership Giving


Activate the next generation

Millennials, those 20-40 years old, make up approximately 31% of the Calgary workforce and are the next generation of your company and our city. Engaging young professionals in your United Way workplace campaign will help engage them in your business while positively impacting the community.

Use the Gen Next toolkit for ideas to engage this demographic {coming August 2017}

Share our impact calculator to see the impact you have

Book an activity to engage millennials

Learn more about our Gen Next initiative


Engage retirees

United Way is a great way to keep your organization's retired employees involved and active in their community while remaining part of your organization's team. As retirees, they are part of one of the fastest growing segments of our population and have the greatest capacity and inclination to give back to the community.

Use this retiree campaign plan to engage retirees

Share this information with people as they retire from your organization

Send one of these donation forms with retirees: with pension or without pension



 Gibsons employees pull a truck during their annual United Way workplace campaign fundraising event

Special events are a great way to build excitement and awareness during your campaign. Events are best held later in your campaign, after your pledge period.

Below you can find event ideas and best practices and obtain an AGLC licence for your event. If you have any questions about your event, please contact your campaign manager.


Event Ideas & Best Practices

Campaign Themes and Event Ideas

Events in 10 Easy Steps

Event Planning Checklist

Event Image Release Form

General Image Release Poster


Gaming Special Events

When hosting events such as bingos and raffles, you require a licence from the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission (AGLC). This overview can help with your planning. If you have any questions, please contact your campaign manager.

Raffle, 50/50 or Bingo

United Way can apply for a raffle, 50/50, or bingo licence on behalf of your company if the estimated total gross revenue is less than $9,999. Please complete the 50/50 or Raffle Licence Request Form and send it to our License Coordinator.

For more information, please visit the AGLC website.


Tax Receipts and Special Events

Many special events qualify for tax receipts. To learn more, take a look at the request forms or contact your campaign manager.



A group of employees smile after winning a competition as part of their workplace campaign. Photo: Alberta Energy Regulator

To help make your campaign the best ever, these are a few key points and resources to help you get started.


1. Recruit your team

Bring people together from across the organization, including different departments and positions. Try including a management or executive sponsor to help support your campaign within the organization.


Campaign committee positions

Recruiting ambassadors


2. Set your campaign dates, theme, and goal

Once you have your team, decide how long your campaign will run, when it will start, what your organization’s goal is, and think about your campaign theme. By centering your campaign on a common theme, you can gain momentum and organize events and incentives around that theme. Setting goals, such as participation, fundraising, or even a Leadership Giving goal, can help drive participation with your campaign.


Campaign timing templates

Campaign theme ideas

Learn about Leadership Giving


3. Plan some activities

Help connect your campaign to United Way’s work and the impact of a donation through events, speakers, videos, tours, simulations, or other activities.


Take a look at available activities

Campaign event ideas


4. Make giving easy

We have a variety of giving options. Work with your campaign manager to decide what works best for your workplace. Promote payroll deductions as a donation option; it’s easy, convenient, and an affordable way to spread your donation over the year.


Donation options

Donation forms

Setting up payroll deductions


5. Get the word out and have fun!

Share simple messages about your campaign. Plan how and when communications will be delivered so people aren’t inundated and your messages are as effective as possible. Hang posters around your office, share messages through email or your intranet, drop brochures in lunch rooms, and send out updates. Have fun and make your campaign your own!


Sample communications plan

Campaign posters, banners & brochures



6. Share your success and say thank you

After your campaign ends, share your results with your staff. Communicate your totals and share how that will improve lives for Calgarians. Thank everyone who contributed both financially and as a volunteer.


Thank you certificates

Impact calculator

Order thank you cards


A group of United Way staff walk and cheer during the annual United Way campaign kickoff

Offering multiple donation methods can help more people get involved and participate with your campaign. Below you can download donation forms, learn about online giving, payroll donations, and determine if your special event qualifies for tax receipts. We also have helpful tax information to ensure you make the most of your workplace campaign.

Online Giving

Your campaign can go paperless with our online workplace giving tools. A personalized link is emailed to your co-workers, linking to our online system where they can choose the donation method that works best for them. If you’re interested in using the online system, take a look at these frequently asked questions or contact your campaign manager.


Donation Forms

These are the most popular paper forms. If you need a customized form for your workplace, please contact your campaign manager. If you’re looking for another donation form, please see our specialized donation forms below.

General Donation Form – For gifts of any amount from an individual

Corporate Donation Form – For gifts from companies, organizations, and other businesses.


Payroll Donations

Giving through payroll deductions is the most convenient way to donate. Payroll deductions benefit employees by allowing donations to be spread throughout the year. Learn how to set up payroll deductions for your workplace.


Special Event Tax Receipt Request Forms

These forms help record donations from your event and ensure United Way has the required information to issue tax receipts where applicable under the CRA guidelines. Please read through our Special Event Tax Receipt Guidelines to determine which form to use. If you have any questions, please contact your campaign manager.

Form 1: Tax Receipt Request for Special Event

Form 2: Tax Receipt Instructions and Receipt Request for a Gift-in-Kind

Form 3: Tax Receipt Request for an Auction Winner

Form 4: Tax Receipt Request for 50/50 or Raffle Winner

Form 5: Split Receipt Request


Specialized Donation Forms

These donation forms are specific for donor needs. Please contact your campaign manager if you have any questions about them.

Leadership Donor Donation Form – Tailored for donations of $1,200 - $9,999

Major Gifts Donation Form – Tailored for donations of $10,000 and over

Area Community Partnership Donation Form – Tailored for donations to United Way's community partnerships in Chestermere, Cochrane, High River, Okotoks, and Strathmore

Leadership Donor Gift of Securities Transfer Form – For gifts of securities between $1,200 and $9,999

Major Donor Gift of Securities Transfer Form – For for gifts of securities of over $10,000

Pre-Authorized Debit Form – Designed to arrange monthly donations directly from your bank account


Donor Choice Policies

United Way offers this added service to donors, giving them the option to designate any part of their donation to a registered Canadian charity. A $12 processing fee is subtracted for each designation to cover the cost associated with designating your gift. This allows United Way to remain focused on making a measurable difference in our community. Before you make a decision regarding designating your gift, please read our policies around designations.