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Thank you for being a United Way Ambassador in our community! You might be wondering, now what? Here are a few resources you can use to share United Way's message and your involvement in your community.


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Learn about United Way's impact in the community and on the lives of Calgarians through these short impact videos. If you're interested in seeing more videos, visit United Way on Youtube or Vimeo.

Nathan's story (3:42)

Growing up in poverty in Bowness, Nathan's family faced many of the tough decisions that 10% of all Calgarians who live in poverty regularly experience.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Sama's story (3:03)

Removed from her abusive mother at 15, Sama entered the foster system. Feeling depressed and confused, she reached out for help and found her voice.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Mark's story (3:38)

A happy addition to Mark's family, Gage was born with Down syndrome. He receives support to ensure he reaches the same milestones as other children his age.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

LeeAnne's story (4:23)

LeeAnne has three amazing, healthy daughters today because of the support she received from United Way-funded programs.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Jeremy's story (4:07)

Jeremy's personal ties to homeless youth have shaped his life working to advocate for vulnerable youth in Calgary.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Louise's story (4:15)

Louise escaped a life shrouded by domestic violence and is now a proud advocate in Calgary.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo


The Social Equation

The Social Equation tells the story of critical social issues facing Calgarians. By strengthening each part of the equation, we will create infinite possibilities for our city.

View The Social Equation Report      View the full Impact Report online      Download the full Impact Report


Learn about United Way's work

For more on our three focus areas, impact stories, quizzes, and community initiatives, take a look through the below sections.


Home is written with light in front of a dark community arena

Overcoming poverty opens up opportunities and positively impacts quality of life.

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A group of three girls smiles while hugging one another

Successful kids are the future of our city.

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A young woman holds bushels of fresh carrots while standing in a community garden

Strong communities connect and strengthen all Calgarians.

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ken lima coelho web

Why do you love Calgary?

I love Calgary because I was born here, have watched it grow up, and have chosen to invest my time and energy into making it better, along with countless other people.

What about Calgary inspires you to get involved in your community?

Calgary is built on energy in all its various forms. Sure, I know that sounds like a marketing tag line. But, when you realize how energetic, ambitious, persistent, stubborn and fearless our city is, you realize our path to becoming a national and global leader is inevitable. But, that means looking after everyone.

What is the most daring thing you’ve done to make Calgary a better city?

The most daring thing I’ve done is to dare to act on the principle that very simple ideas can be the most powerful. For example, in the recent federal election, I posted 78 questions about important issues (one for every day of the campaign) to my Facebook page. I’m proud that it promoted hundreds of discussions among my friends that helped all of us better understand the issues and the alternatives. Simple can be powerful. 

Who’s your most inspiring Calgarian? (And why?)

It would be easy to say Mayor Naheed Nenshi, because he often says things I’m thinking without hesitation and with impact. But, he has the platform to do it. So, I’ll say the person, right now, who is helping someone because it’s the right thing to do and it’s making them both feel better about themselves. It’s because they are choosing to act. There are too many of those people to count in our community,  or else I hope so.

Why do you love Calgary?

I think obviously I have a bit of a bias, it’s my hometown.  But it says something when I’ve travelled to a lot of places in the world and I’ve seen a lot of things, but my favourite moment is when I’m flying over the city. There’s just so much excitement because of the people and the energy here and the sense of community that people have in Calgary, everyone is just willing to do whatever to make things happen. 

Why do you work so hard for the Calgary Community?

It’s something that I’ve always valued in my life- trying to give back as much as possible.  It just makes the place you live a better city when you give the best of yourself to your community.  It creates an atmosphere where amazing things can happen!

What about Calgary inspires you to do what you do professionally?

I’m not the biggest person, but I have pretty big dreams- Olympic dreams.  I think the community around me- that I’ve grown up with- everyone is so supportive, they’re always behind me in my career.  When I go and compete internationally I’m not just competing for myself.  I’m competing for south Calgary, for Millrise, and the entire city.  I have CGY on my skate guard, and every time I look down at my skate, I know why I’m skating and who I’m skating for- that sense of community drives me.

What about Calgary inspires you to get involved in your community?

I’ve become recognizable in the community and I’ve been in the media and I want to use as much of that as I can to give back.  From when I was a kid- I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people that supported me.  From my teachers, to my coaches, to the numerous people who have volunteered their time to mould who I am- that’s something I’ve tried to give back.  I’ve tried to touch as many people and empower as many people as I can so that they can go out and do whatever they dream to do.  


Why do you love Calgary?

I love Calgary because of its diversity, its do-it-yourself spirit, and of course for its people. Calgary is always growing, inward and outward, and it is very exciting to be a part of that. I grew up in this city and this is where I want to continue living for the rest of my life.

Why do you work so hard for the Calgary Community?

In my house while growing up, community service was held in high value and I was taught that the neighbourhoods in which we live are important to a good quality of life. Hard work makes all of this possible.

What is the most daring thing you’ve done to make Calgary a better city?

Honestly, it was my decision to run for office in 2013. I was a first-time politician going up against an incumbent, and I knew I’d have to give it every ounce of myself without any guarantee of success. But I believed deeply in the cause of making our city better, and our hard work paid off.

Who’s your most inspiring Calgarian? (and why?)

Bill Ptacek, the current CEO of Calgary’s Public Library. While he is a new Calgarian, his personality perfectly reflects why people come to this city. His ability to drive change and his optimistic outlook are perfect reflections of this city.

amber schinkel web

Why do you love Calgary?

The people who live here make Calgary a great city. There seems to be a shared energy that drives people to do amazing things and in turn makes it an amazing place to live. 

What about Calgary inspires you to do what you do professionally?

If people are informed about what is happening in their community, I feel like they’re more willing to become involved and that’s really important. Letting people know about community events can spur them to participate, while informing them about politics, taxes, or education has the potential to encourage people to speak out and perhaps even influence change for the better of others. 

Who’s your most inspiring Calgarian? (And why?)

It’s impossible to pick just one. I have the chance to speak with festival organizers, activists, musicians, emergency personnel, health care providers, and politicians regularly who are all doing great things. But, there are so many others working behind the scenes who don’t get as much recognition, so I tip my hat to all.   

How can we create a culture of philanthropy among Gen Y in our city? Why is this important? 

Generosity isn’t necessarily generational but rather a personal choice. It’s important to encourage all to give what they can, whether it be donating their time or providing a monetary gift, but it’s also key to realize some don’t have the means to be able to contribute either