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A donation of as little as $25 is a valuable contribution to the collective impact needed to ensure social programs and services are available to all Calgarians. Imagine what can happen when we all work together to make our city great!

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We are all Calgary.

Together, we are all stronger. Meet a few of the 178,771 people United Way helped and partnered with in 2016.

Pailine smiles and hugs her twin daughters


Pauline's twins had developmental delays in their social and motor skills. Now, they are thriving.

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Jill smiles in her Calgary office


When Jill's father was diagnosed with dementia, her family was devastated. But they knew there was help.

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Alasdair looks up from coring apples at his job in a community kitchen


After losing his job, Alasdair couldn't afford a meal. Now, he knows just how life changing that can be.

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Rama laughs as her baby giggles in her arms


Her family fled Syria fearing for their lives. Now, she has the support to adjust to life in Canada.

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Randy sits on a medicine wheel carpet in a Calgary agency


Randy supports Calgary's Indigenous youth as they gain the skills and confidence they need to become leaders.

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Travis sits on a bench in Prospect's offices, where he received career advice and support


Facing mental illness and job uncertainty, Travis received support to gain skills and confidence.

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Kathryn hugs Teague and smiles

Kathryn & Teague

Teague struggled to keep up with kids his age. Today, his friendships have build his confidence.

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Jerilyn stands smiling in the Distress Centre Calgary office


Volunteering at a crisis line changed Jerilyn's life. Now, she helps bring hope to others.

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Shawn sits on a bench outside smiling


Shawn grew up in poverty. His family relied on the help of family friends and neighbours.

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Shauna smiles in front of a "Heart of Bowness" poster


For almost five years, Shauna has supported women like Samantha to connect with their community.

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Our Impact in the Community

United Way improves lives by investing in local programs and collaborations in the areas of poverty, kids, and communities. By working with diverse partners to bring people and organizations together, we're able to strengthen the network of services and continue making a critical difference in our city.


unique individuals were supported by United Way investments in 2016

500 people / day

accessed programs and initiatives throughout 2016



Home is written with light in front of a dark community arena

United Way tackles root causes of poverty, ensuring Calgarians have food, shelter, and can build stability to overcome poverty.

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A group of three girls smiles while hugging one another

Helping kids succeed is a cornerstone of United Way’s work. We ensure kids stay in school and can succeed in adulthood.

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A young woman holds bushels of fresh carrots while standing in a community garden

United Way supports inclusion, mental health, family violence prevention, and strong neighbourhoods.

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Miamoona stands in front of one of the community supports that helped her find housing after being homeless

Finding housing — and a brighter future

At 19, Maimoona was living in a shelter. She left home after being physically and emotionally abused. With United Way’s help, she connected with a transitional housing program at a community agency — the first step to a promising future.

Now, Miamoona is on the path to a brighter future, with a support network, employment, and a place to call home.

We are all Calgary.

Together, we are all stronger. Meet a few of the 178,700 people like Miamoona who were helped in 2016.

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How you can help


Your donation will help kids succeed, support Calgarians to overcome poverty, and build strong communities.

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Cover the basics

Help homeless youth in Calgary by providing hygiene supplies as they enter shelters.

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A young child smiles while sitting at her school desk.

Lasting impact in Calgary

The Social Equation tells the story of critical social issues facing Calgarians. By strengthening each part of the equation, we will create infinite possibilities for our city.

Overcoming Poverty + Successful Kids + Strong Communities = A Great City for All

Creating a better future for all Calgarians

In 2015, United Way was able to help kids, seniors, families, individuals, and families.


unique individuals accessed programs United Way invested in

Almost 500 people / day

accessed programs and initiatives throughout 2015



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LeeAnne stands with her husband and three daughters.

Accessing support can change everything.

LeeAnne grew up believing she didn’t deserve happiness. When she found out she was pregnant with her first daughter, she was overwhelmed – she was just 20 years old, in a bad relationship, and living in poverty.

For LeeAnne and her daughter, every day was a struggle, but LeeAnne did whatever she could to make Joanna’s life better. There were days she would go without food, drinking water to distract herself from how hungry she was.


LeeAnne was able to move out of poverty with the support of United Way-funded programs, and when she and her family moved to Calgary, they accessed programs here to help them get ahead. Her kids were able to access toys and books, her family could access supports, and LeeAnne was able to deal with the depression that had surrounded her since childhood.

LeeAnne is Calgary.

Poverty can so easily become intergenerational. With the help she received, LeeAnne was able to break that cycle.


Calgary is a community of people. Meet a few of the 177,000 people like LeeAnne who were helped in 2015.

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Ways you can help


Your donation will support Calgarians to overcome poverty, help kids succeed, and build strong communities.

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Try to Make the Month

Visit our digital simulation to see if you can make it through a month living on a low income.

Try Make the Month

Organize a Collection Drive

Collect hygiene supplies in your workplace or community to support low income Calgarians.

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A diverse group of Calgarians cross the St. Patrick's island bridge in east Calgary. Photo: Jesse Tamayo

We are all Calgary.

Whether you use a service, provide a program, volunteer, or donate to United Way, you are a part of Calgary. We are all Calgary and we are all there for each other. 

Your gift to United Way stays right here in Calgary, helping overcome poverty, ensuring kids succeed and building strong communities.

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Amy stands against a wall in a bright shirt

Forced to leave school to take care of her mother, Amy had a hard time finishing school.

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An elderly man with white hair smiles while sitting on a bench in his neighbourhood

Feeling isolated in his home, Archie wanted to be more involved in his neighbourhood.

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Sarah holds her tea cup while looking out the window of her home

Everything changed when Sarah's husband's diagnosis, and asking for help was difficult.

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Mark's son Gage smiles at his reflection in a mirror while in his playschool class

Calgary is a community of people. Meet a few of the 177,000 people helped in 2015.

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