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UnitedWayof Calgary andArea,March 2014
Do It Yourself Guide to Identification
•Do youneed anAlberta IDCardor Driver’s Licence?
• Is your employer asking to seeyour SINcardandyoudon’t haveone?
•Are youunable toopen abank account because youdon’t have the
right pieces of identification?
• Is it time to replace your Aboriginal Status card?
•Are youhaving trouble finding the information you need to apply
for identification?
If youare facingany identification issue, like theones above, or areproviding
assistance to thosewhoare seekingpropergovernment-issued identification,
then this guide is for you. This guide is full of information about
different types of identification and how to obtain them. If you
can’t find what you need here or need more information, call
211, a24-hour telephonenumber thatcanansweryourquestions
about community services inCalgary.
This Do It Yourself Guide to Identification was developed to
assist individuals and organizations with navigating the
complicated processes and systems associated with accessing
formal government identification. As identification is delivered
and offered through various systems of government, be it
provincial or federal, the processes for accessing ID are not
always clear and are often changing. The information contained
in thisguidewasas current aspossibleat the timeof release. For
any questions youmay have, contact information and websites
for identification programs in Calgary and other areas are
provided at theendof this document.
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