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Driver’s Licence
UnitedWayof Calgary andArea,March 2014
Alberta Photo IDor Driver’s Licence
If youhavepreviouslyheldanAlbertaDriver’sLicenceor Photo IdentificationCard it iseasier
toobtain ID again. If your identification cardexpiredmore than sixmonths ago, it is treated
as a new application and youmust provide proof of identity, proof of entitlement to be in
Canadaandproof of Alberta residency.
If you have outstanding fines on your Driver’s License or unpaidmunicipal or low-end
criminal fines, you can apply for a Photo IdentificationCard, or have a registry agent re-
class yourDriver’sLicence toaPhoto IdentificationCardanddealwith thefinesat a later
date. You can request aPhoto IdentificationCard that is valid for up tofive years. If your
Photo IdentificationCard is lost it will cost $22.45 for a replacement card.
IDCard (Years)
Government Fee
RegistryAgent Fee
If you have outstandingmaintenance enforcement arrears and restrictions, you are not
authorized to hold a Driver’s License until an arrangement to pay arrears is made. The
arrangement includes receipt of the first payment. You are eligible to hold a Photo
Identification Card for a one to two year term. In order to re-class your Identification
Card youmust contact theMaintenanceEnforcement Program (MEP).
If a person has maintenance enforcement arrears and restrictions, they can call the Client
Services Centre of theMaintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) 780-422-5555 between
the hours of 7:45 am to 11:00 am and 12:00 pm to 4:00 pmMonday, Tuesday, Thursday
and Friday and 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm onWednesdays. The person with MEP restrictions
would need to provide their Maintenance
Enforcement Program file number and PIN
when calling.Onceapayment arrangement is
made, theMEP cangiveapartial restriction in
placeof a full motor vehicle restriction.
If you have been in touch with the MEP to
receive a partial restriction yet continue to
be denied access at a registry, you, or the
registry agent can call theMEP back to clear
* fees subject to change
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