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Hea l th Card
Do It YourselfGuide to Identification
Alberta Personal HealthCard
In order to receive hospital and physician care in Canada, you need provincial health
care coverage. Alberta Personal Health Cards are proof of entitlement to coverage.
Accordingly,AlbertaPersonalHealthCardsarenot identificationcards. ProvincialHealth
Care in Alberta is also known as the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) or
Alberta Health Care Registration. AHCIP is available to all eligible residents and their
If you are new to Alberta or a returning Alberta resident, youmust apply for AHCIP. If
you have moved from any Canadian province or territory to Alberta, your AHCIP will
become effective on the first day of the thirdmonth that you are a full-time resident of
Alberta. For example, if you arrive in Calgary on January 5
your AHCIP will become
effectiveApril 1
To register for AHCIP, you need to complete an application form. Application forms canbe
found online at
or with
participating Alberta registry agents. You must complete the form in full and provide the
required documentation with your application, which includes proof of identity, proof of
entitlement tobe inCanadaandproof of Alberta residency.
The completed application form and originals of supporting documentation can be
taken inperson tooneof theparticipatingAlberta registry agents. Applications canalso
bemadeby faxor sent in themail withphotocopies of your supportingdocumentation.
Tobe eligible for AlbertaHealth:
• Youmust be legally entitled tobeor remain inCanada andmake your permanent
home inAlberta.
• Youmust bephysically present inAlberta for at least 183days in a 12month
• Youmust not claim residency or beobtainingbenefits in another province,
territory or country.
Non-eligible residentsmay include:
•Members of theArmedForces
• Royal CanadianMountedPolice
• Federal penitentiary inmates
•Certain immigrantswith non-permanent status coveredby the InterimFederal
You are not covered under AHCIP until all required information is received. However, any
medical services you receive and pay for before your application has been successfully
processedmay be reimbursed once you have received your personal health card and can
prove eligibility for theperiod your received the services.
If youneed to replacea lost, stolenordestroyedAlbertaPersonalHealthCard, youhave
two options: 1) call a AHCIP representative or visit a registry agent in person; 2) send
your request viamail or fax toAlbertaHealth andWellness. A replacement cardwill be
issuedwithin 1-6weeks.
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