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Insurance Card
Do It YourselfGuide to Identification
Social InsuranceCard
TheSocial InsuranceNumber (SIN) is anine-digit number that youneed tohave towork in
Canadaor to have access togovernment programs andbenefits.
Social Insurance Numbers were previously issued in the form of a card and are now
issued in the form of a letter. You are responsible for protecting your SIN and it is
recommended that you store your SIN card or letter in a safe place and not keep it on
Toapply for aSIN letter, amendyourpersonal informationor replacea lost or stolenSIN
card or letter, you can apply in person at any Service Canada Centre or by mail. You
must provide an original primary document to apply for, replace or make changes to a
SIN, such as a name change. A primary document is an official document that proves
your identity and status in Canada. If the name on this document is different from the
name you currentlyuse, youwill alsoneed toprovidea supportingdocument. If youare
applyingbymail, youmustmail your primary document with your application.
• Inperson at any ServiceCanada
• There is no fee to apply for any typeof
Social InsuranceNumber (SIN) request.
Required Information:
• Full legal name
•Dateof birth
• Placeof birth
• Surname, and all given name(s) of father, if applicable
• Surnameofmother (maiden name), and all given name(s) ofmother
Additional InformationRequested:
•Mailing address and telephonenumber of applicant
•Applicant status inCanada
• SINnumber if known
• Proof of Identity (original only) for all applicants
• If CanadianCitizen
oCertificateof birthor birth certificate for Canadianprovinceor territory
oCertificateof Canadian citizenship
oCertificateof Registrationof BirthAbroad
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