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P a s s p o r
UnitedWayof Calgary andArea,March 2014
• Passport Photos
oYou are responsible to submit twophotos of yourself, onewill be signedby
your guarantor and theother will appear in your passport
oThephotomust have a frameheight of 70mm and a framewidthof 50mm
oMany photo and camera shopswill take your passport photo at a small cost and
areoften awareof passport photo requirements
oThere are significant photo requirements. If you choose to take thephoto
yourself, be sure to read and apply all photo requirements
•Declarationof Guarantor
oAguarantor is apersonother than yourself who has known you for at least two
years and can confirm your identity. Aguarantormust hold a five-year Canadian
passport that is validor has been expired for less thanone year. Aguarantor
must be at least 16 years of agewhen heor she applied for his or her own
passport. A familymember or person residing in your home canbe your
guarantor provided theymeet the above requirements.
oAguarantormust complete, freeof charge, Section2of the application
(Declarationof Guarantor), sign theback of oneof your twopassport photos
and, if needed, sign a copy of your documents to support your identity.
o If youdo not have aguarantor who has known you for at least two years, you
need to complete a StatutoryDeclaration in Lieuof Guarantor form available at
any Passport CanadaOffice. This formmust be completed at your ownexpense
before aCommissioner forOaths or aNotary Public.
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