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Do It YourselfGuide to Identification
• Previous travel document
o If you have ever had apreviousCanadianpassport, youmust submit it with a
renewal or new application. If your Canadianpassport has been lost, stolen,
damagedor is inaccessible, youmust declare it by completing formPPTC 203.
Thismust be completed at your ownexpensebefore aCommissioner forOaths
or aNotary Public.
• Proof of Canadian citizenship (originals or photocopies of both front andback of
document, signedby your guarantor)
oBirth certificate
oCertificateof CanadianCitizenship
oCertificateof naturalization
•Documents to support your identity (originals or photocopies of both front and
back of document, signedby your guarantor)
oProvincial/territorial driver’s licence
oCertificateof Indian Status
oOther federal, provincial or territorial identification card
oCanadianpassport that is validor has expired less thanone year
oMilitary identification
oOldAgeSecurity card
Contact Information:
• Tel: 1-800-567-6868
•MailingAddress: Passport Canada
ForeignAffairs and International TradeCanada
GatineauQCK1A 0G3
•Calgary Passport Canada Locations:
oHarryHays Building
220 4thAvenueSoutheast, Suite 150
Calgary, ABT2G4X3
o SouthCalgary
14331MacLeodTrail Southwest
Calgary, ABT2Y 1M7
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