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Do It YourselfGuide to Identification
How toUseThisGuide
Section I of this guide provides basic information about identification. This includes
things likewhat ID is good for, why youneed certain identificationpieces andhowbest
to keep your identification documents safe. Section II explores and breaks down the
requirements and procedures for birth certificate applications for each province and
territory. Finally, Section III explores all other identification documents and Cards of
EntitlementssuchasAlbertaHealthCareCards,Photo Identification,CanadianPassports,
Social InsuranceCards andAboriginal StatusCards. Please remember to contact 211 for
more information about existingprograms and agencies that can assist you.
Where toGetMoreCopies
This guide was developed in July 2012 and was last updated in February 2014 by
United Way of Calgary and Area. You can find a link to a PDF on United Way’s
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