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Indian Status
Do It YourselfGuide to Identification
Required Information:
• Family name
•Given name(s)
• Family name andgivenname(s) of father,mother, paternal grandfather,
grandmother andmaternal grandfather, grandmother
•Dateof birth
•Nameof Band
• Registration number
Additional InformationRequested:
•Mailing address
•Guardian if applicant is under 18
•Current status card (if applicable)
•Original proof of birth (a long format birthcertificate is required for anyoneunder 16)
• Twopassport stylephotographs (ifmailing in, otherwiseAANDC takes thepicture)
•Guarantor declaration (if applyingbymail)
• Valid identification
oOneof the following: Canadianor United States Passport, Border-Crossing
SCIS, EnhancedDriver’s Licence, Enhanced IdentificationCard, NEXUSor
oTwoof the following: Driver’s licence (provincial, territorial, state) in-Canada
SCISor Certificateof IndianStatus (CIS), other government-issued ID, Indian
RegistryAdministrator form for an in-Canada SCIS
•Completed application form
• Verificationof the Indian Status number
• Validationof identification
• Secure filingof the application
• Printingof the secure card
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