Do It Yourself Guide to Identification - page 32

UnitedWayof Calgary andArea,March 2014
Alex YouthHealthCentre
1116CentreSt NE, CalgaryAB, T2E2R7
Tel: 403-520-6270
Mon-Fri 12:00noon - 6:00pm
The Alex Youth Health Centre serves young people ages 12-24. They can help you fill
out paperwork, and inmany caseswill applyandpay for your: birth certificate, photo ID,
SIN card, AlbertaHealthCare card and Indian Status card.
CLERC –Children’s Legal andEducational ResourceCentre
1010 - 14thAveSW, CalgaryAB, T2R0P1
Tel: 403-207-9029
(Call to schedule appointment)
CLERC assists youth with a variety of legal matters, including identification. CLERC
operates a temporary community ID program that also delivers free legal information,
advice, representation and follow up for youth involved in civil law matters. CLERC
provides a free community identificationdocument notarizedby a lawyer containing the
youth’s picture, dateof birth and signature. Formore information contact CLERC about
the next outreach ID clinic.
1Dermot BaldwinWay SE, CalgaryAB, T2G0P8
Tel: 403-266-3600
(Call to schedule appointment)
The Calgary Drop-In Centre serves individuals aged 18+. Counsellors can help you
complete paperwork and assist in applying for: birth certificate, photo ID, SIN card,
AlbertaHealthCare card and Indian Status card.
Calgary Legal Guidance (CLG)
100 - 8407AveSW, CalgaryAB, T2P3G2
Tel: 403-234-9266
CalgaryLegalGuidance (CLG) helps individuals living ina low incomebracket access the
legal information theyneed. CLGoperates a free community IDprogram inofficeand in
the community. The temporary community identification document is notarized by a
lawyer, contains apictureof the individual, their dateof birth and signature.
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