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Do It YourselfGuide to Identification
TheThreeTypes of Identification
Generally speaking, when it comes to identificationdocuments there canbe three types
of requirements or classifications of documents. The three classifications are:
1. Proof of Identity – examples
Apieceof identification that contains your photo, legal name andbirthdate.
Thismay include someof the following examples of pieces of identification:
(This is not an exhaustive list)
•Alberta Identification:Operator’s licenceor IdentificationCard
• Photodriver’s licence from another provinceor jurisdiction
• ValidCanadianPassport
• Indian StatusCard
• Valid foreignpassport with appropriate immigrationdocumentation
• Permanent Resident Card
2. Proof of Entitlement tobe inCanada – examples
(This is not an exhaustive list)
• ValidCanadianPassport
• Social InsuranceCard
•CanadianCitizenship and ImmigrationCanadaDocumentation:Work Visa,
Student Visa, CitizenshipCertificate
• Permanent Resident Card
3. Proof of Alberta residency – examples
Must contain your full name, current address andbe issuedwithin 90days
(This is not an exhaustive list)
•Utility bill: telephone, power, water, energy, gas etc.
• Property tax bill
•Canadianbank statement
• Residential Tenancy Lease/Rental Agreement
• Personal IncomeTax document
• Employment pay stub
• Insurancepolicy document
•Government assistancedocument/Income confirmation:
Social AssistanceBenefit confirmation,Worker’sCompensationBenefit statement,
Employment InsuranceBenefit stub, Disability payment statement, Canada
PensionPlan statement, OldAgePension confirmation
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