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WhyDo I Need Identification?
Identification is your tool to accessing services, resources and opportunities within your
community. Different types of identification may operate as ‘cards of entitlement’ and
ensure servicedelivery. Other types of identification, such as a Social InsuranceNumber
(SIN) card, are a legal requirement for employment in Canada. In fact, identification is
required for nearly everything in society. If you need to access a foodbank, you need to
have identification; if you need to see your doctor, you need to have a health care card;
if youwant to vote in an election, you need proof of residency and in some cases proof
of identity.
Not having identification is a significant barrier that prevents a person from accessing a
wide range of community and government services. For example, renting a home,
securing a job, opening a bank account, accessing a low-income bus pass, receiving
your child tax credit or receiving income supports such as Assured Income for the
SeverelyHandicapped andAlbertaWorks all require identification.
ID is your tool to accessing the services you need and pursuing the opportunities you
want in support of greater wellbeing for you and your family.
Paying for IdentificationDocuments
Many ID documents require payment. There are several ways you can pay for an
identification document, includingby cash, debit, cheque, money order or credit cards
like Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Payment restrictions may apply at some
Alberta Registry Agents for certain services. Contact the registry of your choice and
confirm your payment options.
At many grocery stores, pharmacies and Canada Post offices you can purchase a pre-
loaded credit card. For example, if you want to purchase a birth certificate fromNew
Brunswick, you canuse a$25.00pre-paid credit card andpurchase your birth certificate
online from apublic computer at your local library.
If you are having trouble paying for an identification document, contact 211 in order to
be connectedwith identification assistance programs in your area that may be able to
cover the cost of your identification document. However, if you feel you can afford an
identificationdocument, always chooseamethodof payment youare comfortablewith.
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