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Do It YourselfGuide to Identification
How to Store IdentificationDocuments
Unfortunately, identification fraud is a reality thatweneed toprotect ourselves against. It
is important to keep your identificationdocuments in a safe andprivateplace. Examples
of places to store your documentsmight include ina lockeddrawer in your officeor afile
folder in your home.
It is best not to carry certaindocumentswith youon adaily basis. Your Social Insurance
CardorBirthCertificate shouldnot becarriedwithyou inyourwallet or purseunless you
need thedocument for a specificpurpose.Generally, it is recommended that younever
carry original documents with you, except for Alberta Photo Identification or Driver’s
Licence. If you have no safe space for your identification, contact 211 and ask about
agencies/programs that will legally store your identification for you. If an identification
storage solution is not available in your community, explore your options and the safest
place to store your identification, whichmay include leaving it with your social worker,
probationofficer, relativeor friend.
It is also important to ensure your ID document remains valid and usable by ensuring
that it remains in good condition. For example, you should not fold or laminate your
birthcertificate. Ifpossible, laminateyourAlbertaHealthCareCardas it ispaper andcan
be easily damaged.
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