September 2013 All In for Youth Quarterly Report - page 3

Implementation plan
Phase l: Nov 2012 - April 2013
• Piloted 4 prototypes: Call Backs, Success
Coaches, Career Exploration and Barrier
• Developed evaluation plan
• Undertook a $10 million campaign to fund
the initiative
Phase ll: April 2013 - Dec 2014
• Launched “All In” for Youth city-wide to
engage more Calgarians
• Launched Mentors and Career Connectors in
nine schools
• Expanded prototypes of initial two schools
to additional schools
• Assess results and recommend highest
performing projects for sustainability
• Initiative outcomes in place, along with
developmental evaluation
Phase lll: Jan 2015 - June 2015
• Implement recommended prototypes in
other Calgary high schools
Our Focus
“All In” for Youth focuses on three pillars:
1. Keeping youth in school
2. Bringing youth back to school
3. Connecting youth to further education
Through these foundations, over the next five years we will:
• Reduce the number of youth dropping out by 50%
• Connect 3,000 youth to mentors, success coaches, tutors and career connectors
• Bring students back to complete their education
In addition, we will gain valuable insights into:
• What works in assisting youth to remain in school, return to school and complete school
• What systems, processes and policies act as barriers to high school completion
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