September 2013 All In for Youth Quarterly Report - page 6

The cost per
year in earnings
loss, use of
social assistance,
healthcare, crime
and tax revenue
loss for every high
school dropout.
youth don’t
complete high
school on
of income assistance dollars
go to people who have not
completed high school.
Alberta’s high
school completion
rate...That’s one
of the lowest
rates in Canada.
The problem is big
Calgary businesses are in desperate need of
skilled and educated workers.
Too many youth are not acquiring the education,
skills or training they need to take advantage of
the opportunities.
The solution is
within our grasp
Current levels of dropout rates are by no means
inevitable. We are starting with one of the best
education systems in the world, and much more
can be done if we convene business, citizens
and partners in a concerted and coordinated
“All In” for Youth is the embodiment of a new
way of working in this community to move
the needle on complex social issues. It is a
fundamentally different, more disciplined,
and higher performing approach to achieving
large-scale social impact than traditional
of new jobs
in the next decade
will require post-
secondary training.
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