September 2013 All In for Youth Quarterly Report - page 7

Ryan (not his real name) is an 18-year old teen
dad who must work full time to support his family.
He joined the “All In” program in January of 2013.
He had a strong desire to complete his schooling
to set a good example for his daughter and to be
the first man in his family to earn a high school
diploma. But, in attempting to balance work and
school, there were many times throughout the
school year when Ryan could not afford to pay
the rent.
Ryan was connected to community
resources through his Success
Coach in order to obtain emergency
rent assistance. He was also
informed about, and taken to,
many employment and career
Ryan attended a Youth Employment Job Centre
job fair, from where he got a job within a week.
With his life settled, Ryan had the focus to move
forward. He signed up for a summer class and
will only have to complete two more classes to
graduate in June, 2014.
264 youth
were supported
to attend the
Calgary Construction
Expo and the
Provincial Skills
competition in
Edmonton to highlight
career options within
the trades.
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