Calgary Learning Village Collaborative Report to the Community - page 18

CLVC Principals’
In September, CLVC hosted a breakfast
for principals from 23 elementary schools
within Greater Forest Lawn to ask about:
current trends they are experiencing with
the families they serve; how participation
with CLVC has impacted their schools and
school families; and how the CLVC can
continue to improve.
Trends identified by principals included an
increase in:
Immigrant/refugee/newcomer families
Families who are highly transient,
resulting in children being moved from
school to school
Separation/divorce issues among
families and an increase in the number
of single parents and grandparents as
legal guardians
Principals also indicated the challenges and
barriers that many of their school families are
facing, including:
Language and literacy
Social isolation of immigrant families
and mothers with small children
Food insecurity
Lack of affordable housing
Mental illness
Many principals said the involvement with
CLVC has a positive impact on their school
cultures and on teachers’ professional
practice. In addition, CLVC Family Places
help the school to be more welcoming and
enhance parents’ comfort level within the
school. Principals also commented that
two of the most significant impacts of the
CLVC are the provision of after school
programs and the support available to their
school families from the CLVC Family and
Recreation Connectors that allows teachers
to focus on students’ core learning.
In addition, principals made a number of
suggestions for CLVC to enhance its support
to schools and families. These included:
offering translated materials; working
with schools to reach families who remain
disconnected; expanding after school
programming and offering programming
to suit modified calendars or school break
times; and providing noon hour recreation
‘sampling’ activities so children might
experience various sports and activities.
CLVC collaborates with ECMap Coalition
The Early Child Development Mapping Project
(ECMap) aims to strengthen Alberta’s ability
to make positive early childhood development
a reality for every child in the province.
Although the majority of children in East
Calgary are developing appropriately, a large
percentage are experiencing difficulty or
great difficulty, particularly in communication
skills and general knowledge (45.25%) and
physical health and wellbeing (36.24%).
CLVC is working with the ECMap Coalition
for Calgary East to plan pre-school programs
and community activities that proactively
address the difficulties kindergarten children
are currently experiencing in the Greater
Forest Lawn area.
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