Calgary Learning Village Collaborative Report to the Community - page 3

Collaborative vision enhances the lives of children
and families in Calgary’s Greater Forest Lawn area
The Calgary Learning Village Collaborative
is a collective of 12 partner agencies
bringing together numerous resources to
support children and their families in the
Greater Forest Lawn area. The partners also
share their extensive expertise to inform
CLVC’s activity in the community.
The CLVC works with individual children
and also with their parents and caregivers
to support children’s physical, cognitive,
emotional and social development—to help
them become healthy adolescents and adults.
That support takes several forms: learning
opportunities and activities for children and
their parents provided free or at low-cost
in the CLVC Family Places located in six
Greater Forest Lawn elementary schools;
connections to recreational activities and
support in accessing subsidies to ease
financial constraints; strong relationships
with the 23 schools in Greater Forest Lawn
that refer children and families who may
need assistance; and individualized support
in making connections to social benefits
programs and resources so that families can
better meet their basic needs.
The CLVC continues to develop in response
to school and community needs—and,
programming evolves. Outcomes measured
through evaluation in the 2012/2013 school
year were:
Increased participation of children in
sports and recreation programming (CLVC
Recreation Connectors)
Improved access to basic and instrumental
needs, improved food security, and
improved access to physical and mental
health care (CLVC Family Connectors)
Increased participation of children in
academic and non-academic school
activities (Family Places)
Increased parental involvement in schools
(CLVC Family Places)
The sources of data for the evaluation were program
registration and tracking forms from the three CLVC
programs, along with a pre- and post-program
participation questionnaire completed by children
served by the Recreation Connectors, and a survey of
Family Place parents administered in September 2013.
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