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Family Place
Program Guide
and low-cost programs and activities
for you, your children and your family!
If you live in, or are schooled in,
Greater Forest Lawn
– you can sign up.
Find the program you want to attend and call the number listed below
the description.
See the map
on the last page for Family Place locations.
Family Place
The CLVC Family Places are located in six
Calgary Board of Education (CBE) and Calgary
Catholic School District (CCSD) schools within
the Greater Forest Lawn area.
In these bright and welcoming spaces, the
CLVC offers free and low-cost programs
delivered in collaboration with service
providers. The carefully chosen programs
range from one-time to weekly or bi-weekly
sessions. The Family Places are intentionally
located in elementary schools in order to
enhance the social inclusion of community
residents, build a positive connection to
schools and provide out-of-school activities
and learning opportunities for children, youth
and families.
During the 2012/2013 school year, demand for
after school programming continued to be high
and led to some wait lists. Popular programs
offered a variety of fun activities that helped
children and youth to build social engagement
and self esteem, strengthen friendships and
support volunteerism. Other programs in high
demand provided opportunities to learn about
traditional aboriginal arts and improve literacy
skills through word play sessions.
Programs for parents and children together
also continued to be well attended. Through
their participation and also on program
evaluations, parents told the CLVC they like
the opportunity to learn through experiences
that are free or low-cost—and at locations that
are convenient and accessible.
New programs in fall 2013 included: Cross-
Cultural Parenting; Grief Counseling through
Expressive Arts; and After School Teen
The Family Place program guide
The Family Place Program Guide is delivered
to all 27,000 households in the Greater Forest
Lawn area three times each year to promote
the programs and activities occurring in each
of the six Family Place locations.
Family Place locations
Family Place locations in CLVC schools
provide spaces for family events, parenting
workshops, children’s programs, parent-
child playgroups as well as programs for
newcomers to Canada.
St. Mark School
4589 Marbank Drive NE
Keeler School
4807 Forego Avenue SE
G.W. Skene School
6226 Penbrooke Drive SE
Holy Cross School
3719 - 26 Avenue SE
Valley View School
4105 - 26 Avenue SE
St. Peter School
720 - 58 Street SE
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