Calgary Learning Village Collaborative Report to the Community - page 7

Family Place programs help children to learn and
build confidence—and their parents too!
husband and wife from Vietnam stayed with relatives after they
immigrated to Canada. For a few years they saw how their
nephew struggled with English and his studies. They said the
boy’s school was helpful, but it still took their nephew more than four
years to catch up to his classmates.
Later, the couple became parents themselves. The father wanted to
be sure his son would learn English and settle in well with friends,
so he registered for Magic Carpet Ride in a CLVC Family Place. The
program provides opportunities for parents and their three to five
year-old children to play, sing and read stories together so that the
preschoolers will be better prepared for kindergarten.
The father was so committed to the program and the benefits it might
bring that he asked his employer for each Wednesday off from work
so that he could always accompany his son. In return, he arranged to
work one day each weekend.
This experience helped the father too. He became relaxed and
confident in the Family Place environment and soon said he wanted
to improve his English language skills as well. The Family Place
Coordinator shared information about adult ESL classes and helped
him to register.
“I appreciate all that Family Place offers. I am so happy to be
in Canada and my family is doing well.”
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