All In for Youth Quarterly Report - June 2014 - page 2

springweathermay have
been a littleon thegloomy side, but
the seasonwas full of invigorating
growth and change for the already vibrant
All In for Youth initiative. This includes
changes in leadership, newpartners,
progress on new engagement tools and
even abrandmakeover.
OnJune2wewerepleased towelcome
CraigFoleyas thenewDirectorofAll In
forYouthatUnitedWay.Coming from
an impressivecareer ineducation, asa
teacher, principal, superintendent and
presidentof theCollegeofAlbertaSchool
Superintendents, Craigbringswith him a
wealthof expertise and a sinceredesire
topositively influence the lives of youth in
AsDirector, Craigwill lead all aspects of
the initiative, both internally and externally,
workingwith cross-functional teams to
enhance relationships, build key projects
to scale and ensure the initiativemeets its
2014business plangoals. Craig is a “can-
do” leader and an agent for change.We
are excited to have him join the team.
We’d also like towelcomeTrishBronsch,
the newPresident andCEOof BigBrothers
Big Sisters of Calgary andArea, oneof our
key partners andmentoringexperts.
Our blossomingpartnerships are very
exciting. TheYouthEmployment Centre
has comeonboard to assist inour career
exploration activities. Linkingwith Junior
Achievement of SouthernAlberta’s
Economics for Success andWorldof
Choices programs is a natural alignment
for All In for Youth’s goal of connecting
youth topositive adults and linking them
to further educationby helping them see
thepossibilities for their future. All In for
Youth’s buddingpartnershipwithYouth
Central is alsobeingdesigned to engage
youth voice andopinions on issues that
mattermost tohigh school students.
We areexcited toworkwith all of these
wonderful organizations and are looking
forward toexploringotherways to
work together. Increasing community
involvement is pivotal to further informing
practice and improving all outcomes.
All In for Youth alsounveilednewbranding
inMarch. The refreshed look and feel is
crucial to aligningour increasedpresence
in thepublic sphere andbroadening
engagement. SolidifyingAll In for Youth’s
visual identity is a key precursor to the
forthcomingAll In for Youthwebsite and
online volunteer portal, aswell as the
student career videoplatform, which are all
set to launch in September 2014.
What impressesmemost about
All In for Youth is the determined
understanding that it will take all of
us, the entireCalgary community, to
address the complex issue of high school
completion. Sharing responsibility and
accountability gives All In for Youth the
momentum to grow exponentially.
Director, All In for Youth
UnitedWayof Calgary andArea
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