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At the core ofDevon’s culture
are five values.Two of these,
“Be a goodneighbour,” and
“Always do the right thing,” sum
up our approach to community
involvement at both the corporate
level and the individual employee
level. All In for Youthhas provided
Devon and our employees with
wonderful opportunities to roll up
our sleeves andwork together to
positively impact the lives of young
people inCalgary.
Director, Government andPublicAffairs
Sharing our learning
Detour is anAll In for Youthprototypeproject that testswhether the right combination
resources can support vulnerable youth to continue their education andmoveonto a career of
their choice. Students inDetour experience complex issues and challenges that have resulted
in considerablegaps in their education, which haveprevented them from completing high
school beforeAlbertaEducation funding support ends at the ageof 19.
InApril 2014, All In for Youth released theDetour LearningReport to identify some early
results and success factorswithin theprogram. Thepurposeof the reportwas to shareour
learningwithAlbertaEducation in an effort to support system-level change thatwould help
more vulnerable youth complete their education and transition successfully into adulthood.
Some key findings identified in theDetour LearningReport, whichhave contributed to student
success, include:
InApril, All In for Youth representativesmetwithAlbertaEducationofficials to share these and
other findings. AlbertaEducationwas very receptiveof the role community partners canplay
indevising innovative strategies that improve educational opportunities for all youth. Alberta
Educationhas stated that “community partnerships andpost-secondary institutions can
enable interactions between learners, experts, advisors andmentors” and that “community
resources shouldbe fully engaged to support learners, including expertise, facilities, services
and learningopportunities.” [1] TheDetour project is putting theseprinciples into action.
All In for Youth representativeswill continue todialoguewith theprovincial government on
howprograms such asDetour can supportmore vulnerable youth further their education and
transition into adulthood successfully.
matters. Detour provides
an expedited and flexible
pathway into apost-secondary
programby supporting
students toobtain the
prerequisite courses needed
for a chosen career program.
The adult-learning
environment offered at Bow
ValleyCollege ismore inviting
formature studentswho
desire a returnback to school,
but not in a conventional high
school setting.
Meaningful supports are
essential. Students in the
Detour program receivewrap-
around supports from student
advisors, counsellors, tutors
andmentors. This approach
supports students tomanage
their personal and academic
issues, whileovercoming
barriers as they arise.
[1] AlbertaEducation. InspiringEducation: ADialoguewithAlbertans. April 2010.
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