All In for Youth Quarterly Report - June 2014 - page 7

All In for YouthpartneredwithAntyxCommunityArts and
theUniversity of Calgary’sCentre for Engaged Learning
to involveAll In for Youth students in aDigital Storytelling
Project on the themeof success. Partneringwith
university students and spending timeon campus helped
participating high school students imagine themselves
in apost-secondary setting. The youth had a creative
discussion around the factors that support and impede
potential success, developed new skills in stopmotion
animation and spokenwordpoetry andultimately created
six short videos on the topic. These videos canbe seenon
Antyx’s Youtube channel.
Marie* is a teenagerwhowas raisedby her
singlemother alongwith sixother siblings. As a
young child,Marie felt “out of place” at school.
Shewas bullied, a victimof racial slurs in her
early years. Ingrade 3,Marie’smother received
aphone call from school personnel explaining
thatMariedisplayed low cognitive skills and
Ingrade 4,Marie switched intoPiittoayis
Family School, an alternative school setting
that delivers coursework in anAboriginal
learning environment. She thrived at Pittoayis
and enjoyed learning theCree language and
cultural traditions.Marie struggled to integrate
into another school when the junior highprogramwas cancelled, and fell very
far behind in her schoolingwhen a familymember diedduring her grade 9 year.
Likemany other youthwith complex issues, she struggled to find an educational
program that served her unique needs, and shebecame less engagedwith her
studies.Marie eventually fell into an unhealthy relationship that led her down
apathof substance abuse and addiction. Shebecame severely depressed
and attempted to take her own life. After being hospitalized,Marie’smother
supportedher to attend a treatment program, andMarie has since recovered. She
is now enrolled in anAll In for Youthprogram, where she feelsmore committed to
her education thanever before.
“It’s challenging, but in agoodways,” saysMarie. “I’mback in school, havemore
friends than ever and I’mmotivated towards a career. I’m very thankful for this
*Name has been altered toprotect theprivacy of the individual
Marie’s Story
I’mmotivated towards a career.
I’m very thankful for this opportunity.
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