Thrive by 5: Synthesis Report Executive Summary - page 1

Calgary Early Years Innovation Lab
Leading Boldly
is a United Way of Calgary and Area led
initiative that serves as Calgary’s network for
Social Innovation (CSI)
. One objective of the initiative is
to understand the dynamics of complex social challenges
and build local capacity to positively contribute to systems
change. The Leading Boldly Initiative joined with the Province
of Alberta’s Social Policy Framework project team, to explore
how to collaborate to bring about change in early childhood
development (ECD) in Calgary. These efforts resulted in the
development of a change initiative named
Thrive by Five:
Calgary Early Years Innovation Change Lab
“If families aren’t healthy
our society isn’t going to
be healthy and our next
generation isn’t going to be
This Change Lab is being facilitated by Reos Partners using the Reos Change Lab approach. A key premise of
Reos’ Change Lab approach is that responses to complex social challenges often move too quickly from problem
to proposed solution. As a result, deeply held assumptions may not be challenged, critical features of the broader
system may go unnoticed, and opportunities for innovation and collaboration may be missed. In order to correct
this, Change Lab involves a series of steps designed to deepen participants’ understanding of the problem and
context, and then encourages creative prototyping of possible interventions.
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