Thrive by 5: Synthesis Report Executive Summary - page 4

Brenna Atnikov
Consultant & Innovation Network Animator,
Dawne Clark
Child and Youth Studies Director, Centre for Child Well-Being
Glen Hughes
Janice Iverson
Social Innovation Director, Community Investments and Collaboration
Joe McCarron
Leann Wagner
Mariam Elghahuagi
Social Innovation Coordinator, Community Investments and Collaboration,
Monetta Bailey
Evaluator, Community Investments and Collaboration,
Monica Pohlmann Consultant & Innovation Network Animator, Monica K Pohlmann & Associates
Sheryl Fricke
Steacy Collyer
Executive Director
Talia Bell
Director/ Manager, Community Investments and Collaboration,
Thrive by Five Core Team
Suite 600 – 105 12 Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G1A1
Tel. 403 231 6265
Fax 403 355 3135
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