Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Executive Summary - page 2

Talking and listeningwell are critical skillswe need
inorder to successfully shift a system. It is an act of
suspendingour judgment such that we canbeopen to
new insights and ideas. As seen in image 1, themodel
depicts four wayswe canbe in conversationwithone
Weenact existing realities – theway our system currently
is –whenwe are:
• Downloading – aoneway conversation, talking
about things thewaywe’ve always talked about
• Debating – talking at one another, but without an
exchangeof new insights or ideas
Webegin to “live the futurewewant intoexistence”
whenwe are:
• Dialoguing – a two-way exchange, fuelledby
curiosity and self-awareness
• Generative – a conversation that is in ‘flow’,
individuals are able to finishone another’s sentences
and new insights and ideas areborn
This initiative is using an innovative approach known
as TheReosChange Lab. As Einstein said, “We can’t
solveour problemswith the same thinkingweused to
create them.” Tomake real changeweneed newways of
seeing and thinking that allow us to understand aworld
that is evermore complex and interconnected. For
thenext year, this groupwill work together withReos
Partners using theChange Lab (also know as Social Labs)
This process is designed to run for ~18months
(beginningApril 2013) with theobjectiveof delivering
new insights, relationships and capacities, which are
leveraged to take actionby executinghighpotential pilot
initiatives or newpolicy that addresses key challenges.
Image 1
As anopportunity tobegin topractice trackingour
talking and listening in thisway, participants got into
pairs andwere asked to:
• Share a story of your own childhood, or of your
child, that is an exampleof something thatmade a
difference to your/their capacity to thriveby 5?
TheFoundationWorkshopwas the culminationof an
extensive invitationprocess, andwas the first opportunity
in theChange Labprocess to invite amicrocosmof the
ECD system togather inone room together. This first
meetingwas guidedby the followingobjectives:
1. Todevelop a sharedperspectiveon theearly
childhooddevelopment (ECD) system inCalgary –
what isworking andwhat couldbe improved
2. To explore innovative ideas and approacheswith the
potential to transformECD inCalgary
3. Tobuild the capacity of theThriveby Five team to
collaborate and collectively shift the current ECD
With the launchof ThriveBy 5, space andopportunity havebeen created for stakeholders to creatively and
collaboratively re-structure, re-design, re-frame and re-generate theECD system inCalgary. Tobe successful inour
work, new anddifferent ways of working are required. Several foundational skills andways of thinking andworkingwere
introducedduring the FoundationWorkshop and aredescribedbelow.Our capacity to use thesewill deepen as TB5
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