Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Executive Summary - page 3

Developing the capacity to understand the system
we areworkingwithin is another core skill tobuild.
An iceberg is ametaphor commonly used todescribe
systems (image2), as it illustrates that in any given
system, while there areparts that are clearly visible,most
of it is not as visible.
• Events – visible to everyone
• Patterns – events that repeat, they are less visible,
not cause-and-effect, keenobserverswill see the
• Structures – policy or rules, which canbe explicit
or implicit, obvious to some stakeholders and
completely hidden toothers
• MentalModels – deeply heldbeliefs and values; as
we learn about the system, honor that these exist;
we need toput themon the table and thenwork
with them
Image 2
The FoundationWorkshopwas a first opportunity tobegin “lowering thewaterline”. That is to have conversations
with adiversity of stakeholders about the current reality of the system, throughwhichparticipants develop a shared
understandingof theECD system they are trying to effect, and consequently, theprobability of creating transformative
change is increased.
Image 3 captures the events, patterns, structures andmental models that have shaped theECD system inCalgary over
time (individual post-it noteswill be typedup anddistributed).
Image 3
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