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As co-conveners of ThriveBy 5,Minister Bhullar (Human
Services, Government of Alberta) andDr. LucyMiller
(President &CEOof UnitedWay of Calgary&Area) were
invited to speak to help launchThriveBy 5.Minister
Bhullar’s comments served as a call to action for ThriveBy
5participants. Thegroupwas asked tohelp theMinister
achieve his objectives, such that every child inAlberta can
realize “thegreatness theuniverse has given to them”.
Dr. LucyMiller encouraged thegroup to hold the
question, “What does it look likewhen thebest
happens”?As leaders and changemakers inCalgary,
we canworkwith and throughour colleagues inTB5 to
develop a continuumof care for children that serves them
their entire lives.
MarkDeJong and his bandwere invited toperform and sharewhat they, as improv jazzmusicians, have learned about
collaboration, leadership and creativity. Following are someof the insights theymodeled and shared:
• Whenwe come together, we have to trust inourselves and
trust eachother
• We have an ability togowith the flow and change the
schedule, as necessary
• Weworkwith the spirit that thewhole is greater than sumof
• We’re collaborating, andwhile there’s a common knowledge
of themusic, we’re also trying topush eachother toplay to
thebest of our abilities. As adrummer, I’m trying topush
thepianist ‘out of his box’, which helpsmakehim abetter
player.Wedon’t just support andwork together, wepush
eachother tobebetter.
• Successful collaboration requires us to check our egos at
thedoor. Peoplewithbig egos are not fun toplaywith
because there’s noplayful banter –we all hold things dear,
particularly ideas, but if we can let that go and let someone
share an idea, have the floor or just go for it, that’s an
important part of any collaboration.
• Sometimes, we stepoutsideof our realmof expertiseor
comfort and it’s interesting to seewhat happenswhenwe
play completely different roles fromwhat the audience
expects or weexpect of ourselves.
• Seek out leaders. All successful musicians havementors they
couldgoon about for hours –mentorship is really important.
• Musicians are in a constant stateof creation. Improv jazz
is all about creating something that has never beendone
before – as humans, we’re constantly in a stateof improvisation.
MinisterManmeet Bhullar
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