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Following are thedetailed notes of the ThriveBy 5 (TB5) FoundationWorkshop, held at TheBanff Centre
February 4-6, 2014. Thedocument captures thedetails of theworkshop, coincidingwith the flowof the
Morebackground information canbe founddirectly on ThriveBy 5’s
Calgary’s EarlyYears InnovationLab
1 in4 kids inCalgary aren’t thrivingby age 5 so they
aren’t prepared for success by kindergarten.
5: Calgary’s Early Years Innovation Lab
is an initiative
where 25people commit to an innovationprocess, for
at least a year, designed to change the system so every
kid can reach their full potential.
ThriveBy 5: Calgary’s Early Years Innovation Lab
a collaborative cross-sector initiative that isworking to
innovatebreakthrough results for the early years (0-5
years) so that all children cangrow, learn and thriveby
the ageof five and so that Calgary is agreat place for
all children.
TheUnitedWay of Calgary andArea, through its
initiative, and theGovernment of
Alberta’s Social Policy Framework project team have
co-convened adiversegroupof 25people from the
not-for-profit sector, government andbusiness towork
together as theThriveBy 5 team.
Launched in Spring 2013, Thriveby 5’s focus is tomove
theneedleonearly childhooddevelopment (ECD),
startingwith thequestion:
“How can all of us ensure that
all children inCalgary
grow, learn& thriveby the ageof 5?”
Interviewswith 40 formal and informal leaders informed
further refinement around key issues and resulted in the
followingmoredetailedquestions toguideThriveBy
5’s inquiry:
1. How canwedevelop a sustainablebusinessmodel
for affordable and accessibleworld-class early
learning and childcareoptions inCalgary?
2. How canwe ensureour best knowledgeonECD is
widely available and usedby parents andproviders
of services to ensure children are thriving in the first
3. How canweprovide the children inour liveswith
the early experience and nurturing environments
(e.g., parks, community spaces, urbandesign,
transportation) they need togrow, learn and thrive?
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