Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 10

What’s a take-away for you so far?
You’vemetmy expectations; agoodday; very
participative; covered a lot of ground
Felt like thiswas a hugemountain –we’re tunneling
throughor climbingover, feels like its progressed
Surprisedwe’vegotten to thepointswe have, they
seemmore real and focused (albeit broad), there’s
potential andpossibility
I havemorequestions than answers, but cautiously
I’m enjoying thepeoplepart of theprocess; enjoying
the refreshing new half coming into theproblem;
thinking about thepeople here
There’s been some interesting stabs atmy core value
aroundECD, anopening to look at howothersmight
viewEC, someof the comments hit right at the core,
some interesting learning happening already b/c of
different perspectives
Bringingmy virtual kaleidoscopeup, just trying to
I’m ambivalent
I’m surprised about howquick todaywent
Privileged tobe asked to join this process – excited
to learn
Mixedemotions – how canwe have such severe
challenges and suchoptimistic people in the room?
Always better tomove forward than staying still
Alreadywe’re starting to talk about the same things
and noneof uswill goback toour jobs the sameway
Impressed that we’re able to narrow topics down
Many reinforcing things and newways of looking at
things; appreciategettingout of the tower to talk
withpeopleworkingon real stuff
I’m intrigued about 3 things I thought we’d talk
about – our imageof the child, child rights, power
relations in society
I’m curious about what the collective ‘we’ knows
about this topic –we’regood at identifying
problems/issues/themes, the key as always is howwe
gobeyond that; we’vebeenheremany times; curious
about abetter process formoving through these
Enjoying the newplayers in the circle andhearing the
non-usual suspects
There is a spacebeing created herewith abig
Worry that wewon’t talk about strengths and how
muchwe’ve achieved – don’t want that toget lost
Why haven’t wemoved (been at this 20 years)?Hope
that this processwill get us there; someof uswon’t
be in thegame thatmuch longer.
MinisterManmeet Bhullar
TheDepartment of Human Services canget consumed
bywhat is goingwrong, and it will more than keep you
up at night. It will make youquestionwhat you think
of humanity, send a shiver of fear down your spine, we
still live in aworldwhere somuch takes placebelow
humandignity (whichweprofess tobemasters of), but
we haven’t gotten ridof it inour own homes. And that
bugsme a lot. If we’re not doing it, whowill?Who is?
If wedon’t have agripon this, can you imaginewhat’s
happening inother parts of theworld?
You can respond in twoways – go somewhereelse/
respondwith fearORwe can say every singleperson
inour society needs to experience thegreatness that
the universehas given to them; this is agreatness that
transcends religious ties, achievement, academics or
sports. Agreatness that has the ability to let anyone
stand in themidst ofmost difficult circumstances and rise
upbecause they have faith. Goes beyondbeing famous
– if wedoour jobs right, then that greatnesswill be felt
and sharedby everybody.Wemay have to respond to
crisis, but if we respond appropriately, that childwill not
lose their greatness.We’ve failedwhen a childdoesn’t
see thegreatest in themselves.
MinisterManmeet Bhullar
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