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How arewegoing tomeasure ‘greatness’ / coming
through struggle?Howwill wemeasureour success
in creating a newgenerationof humanitarians?A
generation that shapes theworldwith creativity.We
break things down and losewhat ismost important; far
away from the truth and reality of the human spirit (i.e.:
service) –When you serve, you experience your best.
I would love to seehowwe can helpour youngest
people start serving / selfless service. If wewant amore
compassionate society, help every singleperson see
they have thepower tomake adifference and change
anything theywant.
Objectives asMinister: “I am asking for your support on
We know how important Thriveby 5 is –weneed
to takewhat we know and take it to themasses and
create a culture around someof this. Governments/
academia/community partners, come upwithgreat
things but we can’t get it towhere it needs tobe
heard; Howwill we change that approach?
o I want topromotemicro-grants (i.e.: oneperson
preventing 5women fromdrinkingwhile
pregnant. How can that become 20?)
o Reach thepeopleweneed to reach – that
requires a senseof community I don’t thinkwe
actually have (maybe in some circles, but not
Believer that we aregoing to see increased rates of
mental health issues in theWesternworld. I think
someof it is becauseof traumapeople experience
when they’re children/young.Wedo apoor jobof
helpingpeople recover from trauma (child sexual
abuse).We’vebeen talking about it for years, but are
wemaking adent?Arepeoplegettinghelpwhere
andwhen they need it?
o We’ve talked about thriveby 5 (assuming nothing
has happened) but what about experiencing
trauma at 8? (Has startedwork in ethnic
communities around this and the stories are
o Prevention and healingof childhood trauma
o Create amovement of ending childhood sexual
Here’smy big ask – I have 8,000 children in care in
Alberta, I want everyoneof those8,000 to have a
mentor (should theywant it). I really, really need this.
Whoof you canhelp?
Quality childcare – needmoreof it
o Wehave to think very creatively of how to
respond it
I’m here to help you connect toother communities –
new anddistinct communities
Dr. LucyMiller
People look toCalgary for leadership and the “best of
what happens”. If we can’t do it inAlberta, it can’t be
done. There’s nothingwe can’t do.
What am I going todowithmy oneprecious life?
Oliver)We answer that everydaywithwhat wedo and
don’t do.
We need to look at the continuumof care for children –
What does it look likewhen thebest happens?
Inorder towinon the issues, we need tobe fearless and
bold – start earlier than kindergarten
We can’t wait ‘til things areperfectly figuredout
We can’t rely on easy fixes
We need amade for Calgary / Albertamodel
Poem –And SoTheyCome toUswas sharedby Lucy
And so they come tous
The speeding summer gone, with facesmirroring their
Some show remembranceof last June and someof
yesterday or of thismorning
For no child comes to us alone
They comewithmemories of home
Themother’s kiss or father’s fond embrace
Or grim reality of emptiness
Somemothers have no time towavegoodbye
A father has no facewho is not known, whonever was
andwhowill never be
And so they come tous
Themembers of the throngwho like and act alike
Their dress andmanners of a kind
Yet each a separatemind and soul
Unlikewhatever was before in all of time
They come togreet theworld, to seek lifeout, to find
their own identity in space
And so they come tous
Andwe reachout to themwith understanding andwith
We share the sacred trust we hold
Yet know that eachof usmust somehow stand alonewith
every child in turn
To help them see and hear and feel
Our children come to learn theway to truth
And so they come tous
By JosephManch
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