Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 13

Expressed a hope and energy that somethingwould
bedifferent this time – surprisedby the frequency of
hearing that
Didwemiss a foundation stage yesterday – our
values, the imageof the child, etc?Didwe assume
we’remore closely aligned inour thinking? (reference
toHelenPenn’swork, 9 things that jurisdictions
invest inWRTECD)
Arewegoing to haveopportunities todigdeeper?
Surprised at howmuch I enjoyed theday and how
quickly it went
Interestingwhat people further outside thiswork are
thinking about the solutions
I’m not comfortable that we’ve hit the rightmark;
we’ve heard these themes before; we’remissing
Where is the child in this?And, the rights of the
child?Wheredo ‘a-hamoments’ get recorded/
Wherewill this go? Incremental or arewe tipping the
whole thingover? (ECD system)
Just trusting theprocess
Enjoyed jazz quartet being able to talk about
collaboration and connected toour themes – helpful
tobe experiential andbeoutside thewaywe
normally talk about things
Surprisedby diversegroup; see names on emails but
good to see how everything is connected
Surprisedby facilitationprocess but relates to it; I
have new friends here today
A lot of learning from jazz quartet
How luckywe are that we aren’t just going tobe at
the topof theU andweget to experience the entire
How completely disjointed theECD system is – so
many disparate things that aren’t woven together
and aren’tmaking an impact
Surprisedby howquickly everyonebecame engaged
(“haven’t gotten there yet” – senseof needing to
identify solutions has come up repeatedly)
My engagement and commitment ebbed and flowed
throughout theday.Wondered: “I don’t know if we
hit it”)
If we’re all in agreement that themachinery is
broken, thenwhat arewedoing? If all thegears
aren’tmeshing, why aren’t they? If we’re thosegears,
what arewedoing? It’s going toget personal real
Need toput children in the centreof what wedo –
if you’re trying to reinvent something, start at the
Surprisedby how thegroupwas quiet.Maybe “the
Canadian thing”
Personal responsibility in themachinery – howdo
we take it fromwhat happens in this room and
quickly translate it into theopportunitywehave?
I’m not looking for the ultimate solution, if youmake
movement inone area, we’ll have started some
important shifts. There are an incrediblenumber of
things that arebroken. Howdowe fix that?
DAY2: FEBRUARY5, 2014 (8:30AM –9PM)
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