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MoreDetail on TheoryU
“Re-arranging thedeck chairs is not what this
project is about”
It illustrates the innovation architecture any creative,
successful person uses. Reos Partners is trying to
make it visible, conscious and usable
It is an effectiveway of getting theball rolling, and
consists of fivemovements:
o Initiating – convening the right team
o Sensing – understandingour current reality (the
better youunderstand it, themuchmoreeffective
you canbe at changing it)
Understanding at individual, team and systems level
o Presencing – beingpresent andbeing active
(compositeword); we have a loadof capacities
we leave in the closet andwe need tobringour
whole selves to the conversation andwork
o Creating –Developingprototypes tobe tested in
the real world; Change Lab is nothing unlesswe
o Evolving –Continue to invest in and test the
prototypes that showpromise. For something
to change, it can takes years/decades; we are
aiming for transformational, systems changing
Tobe successful in thiswork, we need:
o Anopenmind – to just turnup
o Anopen heart – tobeopen tonewperspectives
o Anopenwill – beingopen enough to allow your
whole self tobebrought into this; combine
intention andour will (the collective ‘we’ havegot
serious commitment work todo)
Change Lab is an intentional detour
– it is not the
most time efficient way togo fromproblem to solution,
but youget to solutions that are transformational (vs.
As yougodown the left hand side, you can’t see the
endpoint; youdon’t knowwhere you’regoing
Wewill get used tobeing uncomfortablewithnot
knowingwherewe’regoing; “learnourselves into the
o Entrepreneurs have agreat gut feeling for what
the unmet need is, butmost institutions have lost
this capacity
o Sit with ambiguity long enough to figureout the
right solutions
Aswegodown the left hand sideof theU, wemove
throughdeeper levels of change:
o Restructuring –works if right person is doing it;
driving from the right place/the endgame (not
‘just’ structuring); NOTmoving thedeck chairs
o Redesigning – design thinking
o Reframing – new language
o Regenerating –when in a highly complex/stuck
situation (regenerating theECD system in
Calgary); building the capacity tobe creative,
participative and systemic
Weworkwith amicrocosmof the system – the
smallest number of people that represents the
systemwe are trying to change, essentially creating
Petri-dish to see thedynamics and test interventions
(use this group to explore the larger system)
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