Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 16

Inmanyways, Change Labs are fundamentally about
learning, both fromone another and from inspiring
practices around theworld. Throughout the Foundation
Workshop, therewas adiversity of learningopportunities,
intended to helpbetter understand the current reality
of the system andbuild the team’s capacity towork
creatively and collaboratively.
The first opportunitywas learning exchanges, where
eight TB5participantswere asked to host small group
conversations as away for thegroup tobegin learning
about the various perspectives and areas of knowledge
andexpertise in thegroup. Following are the themes
convenedby the learning exchange ‘hosts’:
Round 1
-What have you learned is themost
effective roleof theprivate sector in influencing
social change?
- The story of theECMap landscape
-What you have learned about
driving changewithin the reality of our political
Rick Thomas
-What have you learned about getting
things done inCalgary?
Round 2
-What are the threemost critical pieces
tohave inplace todevelop innovative culture?
Chris Smith
-What has theMuttart Foundation
learned about getting feedback from ‘the system’
through your process?Howhave you captured
feedback from the system?Whatmakes for effective
ways for sensingwhat is happening in the system?
LeslieBarker &Robyn Sheedy
-What isAHS
learning about the roleof knowledgebrokering in
supportinghealthy parents and children?
-What hasCalgary Reads learned
about being anunusual suspect (Inbeing innovative
and effective)?
Participantswere asked to “practicebeing concise” as
they shared their insights from the learning exchanges
they participated in. The followingwas shared:
If youplan agoodparty, governmentmight come
If you can, and you’re asked, youprobably should
Importanceof relationshipwhenworkingwith
government – relationship is a twoway thing
Don’t be afraid share information and seewhat
happenswith it
This is a relationshipdriven field andwe canmove
forward throughour connections – howdowebuild
Differencebetween inspired andmotivated
Challenge to ‘stay in’ vs. packing up andmovingon
todifferent work
Learned there’s great literature available for pre-
Evaluating investments inprogram/services areas and
changingdirection as a result
Challenging the status-quo, trying to explore
different language andwhat vulnerable reallymeans
Values, needs andgoals – trying tounderstand these
Step aside from the intellectual side and come at it
from the human side
Thedifferencebetween actual self and ideal self
Relationshipwith yourself is themost important thing
– your gut reaction to things
Hold the tensionbetween ‘things take time’ and
‘impatience’ – but being readywhen thewindow
Thepower dynamics andpolicy context in theECD
Remindedof power of images/way topresent
Agood story is a compellingway to share amessage
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