Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 19

PlenaryDebrief of Systems ThinkingExercise
What do you think of your work?
o I had a vision that the icebergwouldget
narrower aswegodown, but its gottenwider as
o Wehavemass confusion, so its heterogeneous
o There’s a lot of emotion in the room, could have
gonemuch longer
Therewasmore energy for identifyingmental models
(vs. other parts of the iceberg)
o Didn’t identifymany positivemental models
I’m ‘quieting’my critical naturebecauseof feeling
theneed tobepositive
o Wehave touseour experience to understand
the current reality
o This is not theplace to sugar coat things; youdo
NOT have tobe happy and feelinggood about
things, wewant you tohold the reality of what is
Your own, the team’s and the system’s
Reflect and journal on thequestion:What do you
think your role is, in these (icebergmodel post-it
notes) existing?
o Advocacy
o Actually listening to thepeopleon theground;
“bring their voices through themist”
o Canwe render thosemental models visible (the
manifestationof those) and talk about them in an
honest, openway
o “We live indifferent cultural bubbles” about kids
–My role is tobetter understand ‘other cultures’
and communicatebetter with them
o Convener of conversations that allow for sharing
of info and research; challenging thinking; role
model and storyteller
o Fear of speaking truth topower, consequently
not saying the things that reallymatter
Balcony comment: “you can’t bepart of the solution
if you’re not part of theproblem; we have intentional
or unintentional roles in theproblematic situation”
o Advocate for children and families
o Work tomakes this visual; bringing stories up/
“storyfication”; sharedwhat I’ve learned; canwe
create amemo that becomes part of our culture
(you’reentering a child-centered culture here,
like “rat-freeAlberta”)
Participants connectedwithoneother teammember,
inorder togo for awalk and reflect on thequestion:
What are themental models that aremost alive inme?
Participantswere asked to:
Keep the FourWays of Talking and Listening inmind,
Speak for yourself, from the “I”
Somemental modelswere challenging and some
o Power issues came up
I do holdmental models I wouldn’t want tobe known
for; but new job/knowledge has changed those
o The strengthof knowledge can transformpeople
Is it a sad commentary onus that we had to have a
Child First Act, and it isn’t just themantra for what
wedo.We had to legislate it?
Experiences/exposure help shift ourmental models
Looking after kids vs. containing kids
“We are theoneswe’vebeenwaiting for”
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