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In theopening circle/check-in, participantswere asked
to introduce themselves and share an artifact that
represented the role theywanted toplay in transforming
theearly childhooddevelopment (ECD) system.
LucyMiller, UnitedWay of Calgary&Area
Object: Noah’sArk - has twoof everything in it,
significant because it representswhat I want to seeout
of this, Noah recognized the importanceof savingone
of everything, every child inour city, nomatter who
or background, they have thepotential tobe thenext
Mandela,Martin Luther King Jr., important toget them
on the ark andgive themwhat they need to succeed
LindaMcLean, Inn from theCold
Object:My “heart” - toomuchof decisionmaking is
too intellectual to apoint of beingmeaningless,make
choices of returnon investment basedon the heart
Janice Iverson, UnitedWay of Calgary&Area
Object: Simplebouncy ball - when I look at this ball I
think about being 5or 6playing 7-up against our garage;
playingball helpedwith stress and I playedoutdoors
until called for dinner; also relates to the role I play at
UnitedWay - absorbing information, I’m not an expert in
this field, Imay have somegood ideas and it’s good to
just bounce them around
Tim Fox, Boys andGirls Clubs of Calgary
Object:MedicineWheel - sitting here thinking about
what is important tome, which is how I identifymyself
as anAboriginal man; it’s important tobring a cultural
element tomywork.
This initiative is using an innovative approach known
as TheReosChange Lab. As Einstein said, “We can’t
solveour problemswith the same thinkingweused to
create them.” Tomake real changeweneed newways of
seeing and thinking that allow us to understand aworld
that is evermore complex and interconnected. For
thenext year, this groupwill work together withReos
Partners using theChange Lab (also know as Social Labs)
This process is designed to run for ~18months
(beginningApril 2013) with theobjectiveof delivering
new insights, relationships and capacities, which are
leveraged to take actionby executinghighpotential pilot
initiatives or newpolicy that addresses key challenges.
Dawn Leonard, Boys andGirls Clubs of Calgary
Object: Straw – I attended a conference hostedby
Alberta FamilyWellness Initiative andwas able to take
part in the “BrainGame”byDr. JudyCameron. She
talked about howgenetics andpositive life experiences
build strongpathways in thebrain (straws) and that
negative lifeexperiences build less strongpathways (pipe
cleaners). I hopeby being involved inThriveby Five
that we canwork together to educateour community
on howwe can assist families and caregivers to ensure
that we are all givingour youngpeople interactions and
opportunities tobuild strawpathways!
PaulaWoolley, FamiliesMatter
Object: Ball frommy grandson’s toy box - forme the
piece that’smost important to hold in the circleof
conversation is the ideaof play; our sector is so focused
on learning that we forget it beginswithplay; playing is
wherewe canget outsideof ourselves
Lori Gammell, Suncor
Object: Heart rock – represents the “grounded-ness”
that I bring; apassion for and commitment to this
thinking andprocess, shiftingour organization into a
process of innovation
TaliaBell, UnitedWay of Calgary andArea
Object: Apieceof burned car - it’s almost 20 years
old and represents bothmy past and future.Often
went forward tooquicklywithout thinking about the
consequences, so this represents, that, inmy future, I will
consider all the consequences beforemoving forward
LeslieBarker, AlbertaHealth Services
Object: Kaleidoscope - I have a lot of set ideas about
ECD, sowhat I’m hoping todoover the next year is to
look through there andget a newperspective, excited
about thewealthof energy anddiversity in the room and
howwe’regoing towork together
The FoundationWorkshopwas the culminationof an
extensive invitationprocess, andwas the first opportunity
in theChange Labprocess to invite a
of the
ECD system togather inone room together. This first
meetingwas guidedby the followingobjectives:
1. Todevelop a sharedperspectiveon theearly
childhooddevelopment (ECD) system inCalgary –
what isworking andwhat couldbe improved
2. To explore innovative ideas and approacheswith the
potential to transformECD inCalgary
3. Tobuild the capacity of theThriveby Five team to
collaborate and collectively shift the current ECD
DAY1: FEBRUARY4, 2014 (1PM –8:30PM)
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