Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 20

Using Lego tobuildmodels of the current reality of the
system is core tool/activity in the FoundationWorkshop.
Its purpose is to:
Introduce creativeways of working
Surface assumptions andgaps in logicwithin the
team’s thinking
Build amodel of the system to identify theproblems,
see the connections/relationships and identify
potential leveragepoints for change
Build the team’s capacity for rapid cycleprototyping
as away toquickly ground truth and ideas, source
feedback from the system and refine and improve the
o Failing forward and failing fast
The final product – amodel that tells the story of the
current reality of theECD system –was built through a
progressionof various phases, as describedbelow:
Phase 1
: Individually, build amodel of a critical element
of the system that currently exists to support children
thriveby 5 inCalgary.
In small groups, individuals shared theirmodels and
thenworkedwith their tablepartners to connect their
individual models together
As a result, thegroup ended upwith sixmodels,
representing their understandingof the current
reality of theECD system
Eachgroup had theopportunity topresent their
descriptionof theirmodel and then receiveboth
clarifying and coachingquestions
o ClarifyingQuestions are asked for thepurpose
of deepening your understanding
o CoachingQuestions areposed to help the
model builders better describe theECD system.
They are askedwith a spirit of “helping the team
Balcony comment: “This isworth spending timeon,
becauseunlessweget this accurate, we arewastingour
Below are the coachingquestions that were asked after
phase 1:
CoachingQuestions for Group 1:
How canwebetter illustrate connections between
health care / education / daycare systems?
Where is the family?
Is the university theonly sourceof research?
Where are theother support services/systems?
Is theoverarchingpower fluidor a set thing?
How canwe create less dependenceon thepipeline?
How canwe illustrate the importanceof thepipeline
more clearly?
Is oil theonly economic driver of the system?
Are all theelements of the system representative?
Are economic drivers theonly forces drivingECD?
What is the roleof popular culture?
Where is technology?
CoachingQuestions for Group 2:
Where is the safety net?
Where are theparents?
Is the health care system theonly system that should
be connected to it?
Have you considered that the 75% exist on this end
Is theplay apparatusmore important compared to
everything else?
Is there a reasonwhy youmade the health care
system smaller vs. theplay apparatus?
Where is theprivate sector?
Does the system includeother services and supports?
How can you illustrate the current power dynamics in
the system?
CoachingQuestions for Group 3:
Where are the urbanplanners for this? Policymakers
anddeveloperswho have to comply?
Where are the connections between the
Are the connections purposefully at a systems level
(2nd layer out)?
Are there any connections between services on the
groundother than those connected at the systems
Any connections betweenpeopleon theground and
those in the ivory tower?
Where is the heart and soul?
What is the connection to isolated communities in
the family?
Where are thepeople at the school?
Are thereother resource flows (beyond financial) that
wouldbeworth including?
Are thereothermodes of transportation available?
Is the current reality actually that orderly?
What are thepower dynamics?
Are there silos that havemorepower thanothers?
Whichones?Howdoes this getmanifested?
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