Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 21

CoachingQuestions for Group 4:
Where are thepower dynamics?
Why is corporate so far away fromgovernment?
Are thereother hubs that connect families and
communities and child care to thegovernment
Are there any demoprojects that have led to
Where are all thepeople in thegovernment and
private sector who care?
Where is the charitable sector?
Is health care represented anywhere?
Is thereonly a ladder going up?
Where is thegrowing/newpopulationof Calgary?
Where is research that is not sitting ingovernment
Where is theAboriginal population?
Is there a link fromParent Link toother parts?
•Family ResourceCentres anywhere?
Therewere 6groups buildingmodels.Only 4models had
coaching feedback captured.Model’s 5 and6 are not
Participantswere asked to share a reflectionon the
I still don’t thinkwe’ve checked assumptions about
eachother.What?Who?What thedrivers are?
We havemental models about the sectors, wouldbe
helpful to share them?
I feel at adisadvantage as a knowledgebroker
Concern about speaking truth topower; had an
honest dialogue; know that part ofmy issue comes
from childhood/political upbringing; I kindof like it/
beingon the soapbox
The conversations are not long enough
Need todelve intoour pessimism / optimism about
our ability to change the system
Need to remindmyself that this is a yearlongprocess;
though I wonder if we’rebeing toogenericwhen
talking about ‘the system’
There is some long standing thinking that is quite
negative and not helpful about change
o You have tobelieve that the child and family can
change – can I? Interesting contradiction
I am really sad to see howdisconnectedwe’ve
becomebut I’m excited to hear that its still being
looked at as an important piece in children’s lives
We need to understand theplot?About whowe are?
We need to understand…
I thought I coulddo the neutral thing, but I belong to
I’m trying to figureoutmy role here – as funder, as
individual – I don’t knowwhatmy contribution is?
Why do I give a shit about this for so long?Because
– I became agrandma, and theother part, I’ve
seen community see they can change it and that’s
The small, simple has noplace in the current system
(not represented in themodels).What does that
mean? I fight every day this overarchingpower
dynamic that we can’t shift or even talk about it.
It’s against the rules to say something about where
power resides. Can the small be the change?
There areparts ofme that saw the champions in the
sector today
Individuals, small organizations, community groups
haveno idea howmuchpower they actually have.
Power dynamics are so entrenched inmoney. One
conversation can have huge impact onpublic policy.
After dinner onday 2Elder Casey Eagle Speaker hosted
a fire side conversation. He spoke for 90minutes on the
power of you as an individual, failure, and showingup as
awholeperson in all wedo to truly effect change.
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