Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 22

Beingour authentic self and having compassionwith
Seeing it through the eyes of a child. Pay attention
to that aswego forward.Where is the child at the
Children livewithin families. If families are not part
of the solution – or the strategy –we’vemissed
I feltmore terriblywhite,middle class. There is a
wholeworldof experienceswewon’t necessarily
empathizewith, but by godwebetter understand.
There areother lives and trajectories topay attention
I came away yesterdaywith somewrongperceptions,
and I anticipate that others did to
o assumptions about intentions of one another
We used todo things to children.We need todo
thingswith children and families.We areonly partially
down that road, insteadof paying lip servicewe need
togenuinely do it.
There’s an internal conflict for someof us; Brought
meback to the focus, which is the child; If weget
stuck in the conversation, bring it back to the child;
Today ismy daughter’s 3rdbirthday!
When youdon’t knowwhere you’regoing, you have
to feel your way through it. Showing upwithour
whole selves.
Listening to his voicewas very calming after aday
of go-go-go. The elders see things bigpicture and
helpedgroundme. Keep thebigpicture inmind and
stay grounded inour work.
Surrendering and stripingway biases to the
innocenceof a child to start freshwhen looking at a
problem. Forget what you know.
Imagineof a library; you have all your experiences
in the library. Today is theonly daywe’vegot.
In relationship toour work, we canput all our
experiences into the library and take thepieceswe
need andwe can start fresh today
Make room for kids to fill their library
Today is theonly thingwe canguarantee, we need to
look forwardbut what canwedo today tomaximize
our potential?
Theonly thingwe can change is ourselves; showing
up authentically is the core idea here; how canwe
be servants and instruments in creating that change
~This is not thework of workshops, this is thework of
transforming a system
Change Lab is thework of trying to re-orient a system.
We arebuilding a new enterprise that doesn’t exist yet,
together. In short, this is an entrepreneurial exercise.
At this point, Joe sketchedout the high-level archof the
Change Lab. There are timeswherewephysicallymeet in
a roomwithone another, but there is lots of “blue space”
where thework is happening in small groups –withone
another andperhapswith constellations of actors not
directly involved inThriveBy 5.
Along theway, wewill be facedwithdilemmas.
“Dilemmas are simply choices tobemade”
Dowework together vs. work onour own
Shouldwebepragmatic vs. innovative
Do I show up as an individual vs. as a representative
ofmy organization
The trick is to navigate thesedilemmas, not tobe
paralyzedby them.
DAY3: FEBRUARY6, 2014 (8:30AM –5:00PM)
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