Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 24

I commit to increasingmy knowledgeof theECD
space (resources from Launa)
o How canwemake that easy for ourselves? Share
amongst eachother
o I don’t have abaseline to knowwhatmy
questions are, I feel really “neophyte” in the
We need aplatform that people can contribute to;
central place togo toget information and contribute
I need immersionopportunities tobuildmy empathy
(and translate that into inspiration)
o Understandingbeing aparent who can’tmake
o Sit in a childcare centre all day andobserve
Understandwhat you’re transforming andwhat does
o Have these conversations (in theblue space)
o Where is themomentum at themoment?
Time togoback tomyMBA crowd andget
grounded in reality
o Talk to them about what I’mdoing and seewhat
they say tome
o Havewegotten to the ‘we’repart of the
problem’ yet?Dowebelieve it?
o Understand the reality of abusiness person, the
real unusual suspects, whowould say “What are
youdoingwithmy taxmoney”?
o I’mout of touchwith thegrounding in
societal drivers that will make contribute to
transformationor not
“I have seen the enemy. It is us.”
What are theother collaborations, focusedon this
topic, already doing?
o Who is at the table?What ismotivating it?
I’m hungry for someothermodalities –workingwith
thebody, launchingour abilities to engagewith some
of that; we need toplay together (paint, do clay,
sing); bring in theother sideof thebrain
I’vebeen in the soup for somany years, I knowwhat I
know, but I also know there’s lots I don’t know
o Howdo I tap into stuff outsideofmy own soup?
What isworking?Why don’t we talk toeachother
“I don’t thinkweever really tried” – i.e.: community
consultation, but didwe reallywork on any of the
recommendations/suggested activity (re: aboriginal
o Thebig things that drive and shape family’s lives
o Why dowe collectively not attend to this issueof
great significance?Becausewedon’t want to
o Weneed to have larger conversations.
Sentiment ofWho is going topay for that?
Talk inbroader circles
I need tounderstandwhat I canbring to the table;
better understandour team sowe knowwhat
knowledge exists here
BalconyComment:What problems do youhave
that you canwork on here? Participating in
ThriveBy 5 should help youget your work done.
Arewe really stepping into the entrepreneurial mind-
Howdo youbuild the tensionbetweenbeingpatient
withourselves and theprocess, and thengive
ourselves apush? If we can’t find someboldness,
tension, impatience, we’ll continue tobe really nice
but that probablywon’t get us anywhere. Howdowe
helpeachother seeour blind spots, beokaywithnot
“Conflict is the root of all change”
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