Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 26

This is placed in the centreof everything and includes
government, economy andmedia. It looks like a
communications tower, as themedia is extremley
influential in all sectors. Thegold coins represent funding
coming from the sourceof power.
Human Services:
This includes kin care, daycare, foster care, day
homes, and all thedifferent care available for kids.
There are leveragepoints in herebecauseof all the
projects happening in this system, but they are less
connected and less regulated and somewhat operating
independently. These leveragepoints areoften specific
toeachproject and are therefore not huge in the larger
scheme. This iswhy they are further away. Thegreen
plants represent agencies/serviceproviderswhose
programming and services aremeant towrap around
community. They also act as a “safety net”providing
emergency services.
between some service
providers are represented, as someof these have limited
access to eachother. As part of Human Services, Child
Protection is representedby thepersonwith thewalkie-
talkie, indicating the importanceof communication in this
75/25 split between children ready for school and those
who arenot is represented here. Different homes are
represented - Inner city, somemore isolated. Calgary is a
very diverse city. There is a leveragepoint with theECD
Coalition and First 2000Days as an information trust for
the75/25. There is agreat leveragepoint between all the
other existing services that we have not yet tapped into.
This is representedby the redgear, as there is an existing
mechanism, but it needs tobe kick-started toget going.
Examples of community hubs that are ready tobe
leveraged are the 6 family places of theCalgary Learning
There are connections between school and community,
but there are significant
betweenearly childhood
and schools. Likewise, someof the supports providedby
agencies have limited access to schools, asmajor
exist. Education is slightly removed frompower, but still
holds somepower. There are a very large number of
childrenwithin education. This is agood leveragepoint
as there is some early literacy going into schools right
now fromwhichwe need to learn. Although this is agoal
leveragepoint, we alsowonder what else is out there
that wemight not be awareof besides schools. This also
pertins to services and initiatives.
There is community based knowledge that is further from
power and not always connected.
It is closer topower. There is aproject onHealthy
Parents, HealthyChildren that is at stagewhere it could
be a leveragepoint.
The tower with theglobe represents theglobal economy.
Looking at things from a “global”perspective and
learning how toworkmore efficiently from thebusiness
world is important. Howdowe learn fromhow they
are thinking creatively? This also recognizes that there
are somepioneers in the corporateworld that are
very engaged and interested inECD. The corporate
community is buildingour global economy.
Themagnifyingglass represents theChange Lab as
an umbrella lens of the system, aswell as taking a
closer look at what we are really trying todo.
Connections arewoven in around themodel. They
represent a twoway flowof knowledge - drawing
knowledge in anddisseminatingout.
Have you considered how to represent current
Progressive thinking is coming fromoutsideCalgary
(mindset) – sobarrier inmodel ismisplaced
Where is thewisdomof thegrandmothers/families/
Did you leave space for new ideas toemerge?
Howdoes the environment support families tode-
stress and recreate?
Did you address how to show the child in the current
Have you considered the existingpolicy implications
for intervening at those existing leveragepoints?
Have you considered someone “will want to take
their toys andgo home”?
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