Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 27

AnOpen Spaceprocesswas used toprovide an
opportunity for participants tohost or suggest a
conversationon any topic theywanted todelve intomore
deeply. The topics – and high-level debrief comments –
are listedbelow:
How arewe all connected?What arewedoingwell?
What isworking?What is the30,000 foot viewof the
ECD system?
o Looked at what is thebig landscape and how
does the community fit into that?
o Shared a ‘ECD roadmap’ (tobe sharedby Sheryl)
o Appetite to continue thediscussionbetween now
andApril learning journeys
Preparationof professionals doingparenting
education / Programs and resources for parents
o Who is doing thework?What is their preparation?
Are therebest andpromisingpractices around
parenting curriculum?
o There is a national certification
What is the 25/75% (i.e., 25%of children arenot
ready for kindergarten)?What is the First 2000Days
o ProvidedbackgroundonEDI tools anddiscussed
o Better understandingof what the 25%means
statistically; surprised that vulnerability iswithin
lowest 10%; if it weremy kids, I’d think bottom
How to change the narrative aroundECD?
o Talked about other successful ‘changes in
narrative’ examples (tobacco)
Provide awareness of the impacts of intergenerational
o Three levels of trauma – single event, chronic/
repeated/intergenerational & repeatedover time
o No tools todeal with the trauma at any level;
behaviours are repeated
o With awareness, behaviours canbe unlearned
o Understanding through experiential experiences
Immersion/Inspiration/Connection (insight through
theeyes of a child)
o Opportunity toget a real lifeexperience
o How to interject into the lab
o Groundourselves into family and children’s lives
WhyABHumanServices andUW have co-convened
this lab
o Agood history about drivers that brought us here
o Why arewe here?
o What is theblue spacebetween now andwhen
o Key pieces that came together – political
situation, need for different approaches fromUW
andbothorganizations to re-orient themselves
which allowednewopportunities to emerge
o Developing innovation literacy
On-linePlatform for TB5 to share information
o Trying to find aplatformwe can all connect into
o Something not housed in any particular
organization and is hostedby ‘us’ as ThriveBy 5
Developing an elevator pitch for the lab andwhat
just happened
o “Shorter” elevator pitch
o This is not aone-offmeeting
o Huge applicationsway beyond this group
o Icebergmodel helps us articulateour inquiry
o Peoplewill askwhy this group?
Directionof educating early childhoodprofessionals
o Better insight into howECD education is
delivered, how its changed andwhat’s driving that
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