Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 3

LaunaClark, EarlyChildhoodMapping (ECMap) Project
Object:Wheel Nut Safety Flag - I chose this object
because inour fieldwhen askedwhat are thepossible
uses for theobject there are an array of answers
representing how I would likepeople to seemy role
within theECD system. In addition the functionality of
the safety flag is togive a visual cue to thedriver of large
machinerywhen there is adanger of operationon the
tire. It ismy hope that having a strong understandingof
theECD system I will be able tobe a voice for theparts
of the system that are ignoredor where change change
may be adanger to the system.
SteacyCollyer, Calgary Reads
Object: A sculptureofmother and child reading together
- representswhat I passionately believe in, aparent/
caregiver reading to a child. I’veused readingmywhole
life, for safety as a child, topushme as aprofessional,
builds brains andbonds, the sooner we introduce it to
kids the sooner they have choice
JerilynnDaniels, Royal Bank of Canada
Object: Son’swater gun -meaningful for two reasons.
First, son just turned six so I justmissedECD ‘sweet
spot’ but still hope tobring real world experience to this
group. Second, youhave toput one end intowater and
suck it up, thenpoint and shoot thewater out. I hope to
take the knowledge and insight I gain here and ‘shoot it
out’ toother areaswhere I work/contribute
Robyn Sheedy, AlbertaHealth Services
Object: Pieceof thepuzzle - recognizing the issues
and challenges that AHSworks on are just apart of a
complex problem, hope tobring apiece to add
Rick Thomas, JuiceCreative
Object: Two t-shirts (Calgary’s PeaceBridge and
representationof one in four kids inAlberta not doing
well) - PeaceBridge: ametaphor in that I hope to serve
as abridge to help us connect. Kids faces: shirt has four
faces andone is unhappy, a reminder that no child can
be left behind
Barbara Schleifer, Family andCommunity Support
Services (FCSS)
Object:Merinoglass - various pieces of other things are
stuck into it, its quite randombut quitebeautiful. Forme
itmeans putting things together in newways,making
new connections, leaving someparts open, thewhole
process is interesting, ideaof connecting new ideas to
new systems is intriguing tome
HollyCharles, Catholic Family Service
Object: Pictureofmymother - shegroundsme every day
even though she’s beengone for 12 years now, I think of
her in terms of how shewas present in the room, quiet,
observer, and took time to think andpercolate, she had a
fun side and truly allowed us children to just play. I bring
that to all that I do and I’mexcited tobehere today and
bring someof the excitement andwisdom to the room.
MargCutler, Calgary andAreaChild and Family
Services Authority
Object:Our early prevention framework, captures a lot
of what we’ve learnedover the years
AlexBruton,Mount Royal University& The
Object: An apple - what I eat between classeswhen I’m
in a rush, represents the role I play atMRU. I helppeople
share resources. Also adadof a 4 and 6 yr old - I’m
always trying toget them to eat this insteadof all the
other things that arebad for them, teach them about
healthy alternatives
DawneClark,Mount Royal University
Object:Mug that says ‘Grandma tobe’ - I now have a
wholedifferent perspectiveof ECD
Monica Pohlmann, LeadingBoldly
Object: Flyingpig finger puppet –Amiracle is not the
intersessionof an external divine agency in violationof
the laws of physics. Amiracle is simply something that is
impossible from anold story but possible fromwithin a
newone. It is an expansionof what is possible~Charles
Eisenstein. This quotes speaks to the fact that we’ve
entered into this processwith excitement but we aren’t
surewhat will comeof it. If wedowell, we’regoing to
see somepigs fly.
JoeMcCarron, Reos Partners
Object: Stir stick and aUSB stick -my role is a stirrer; the
most functional role I canplay is to stir things up. There’s
another thing I want todo - I want to sharewhat we learn
herewithothers, there are amillionbeautiful flowers
growingwith no connections toeachother.
GeorgeGhitan, Hull Services
Object: Toy truck&bandaid - For thepast 15 years I’ve
been the thorn inpeople’s sides sayingour kids aren’t
doingwell andwe need a new system.We need some
significant reconstruction here, at theendof thedaywe
don’t need anothermandate
Chris Smith,Muttart Foundation
Object:Mini table and abook - our work at theMuttart
Foundation is toget people talking about ECD; wewant
people to tell their story.
Phil Carlton, UpStart
Object: Sculptureof threepeople linked - I thought
about retirement after being in the education system for
30+ years, but someone toldme it’s not retirement, it’s
rewiring.Object represents several things: brain, family
and the importanceof family all being together for the
support of that child; community, if we take theAfrican
proverb it takes a village to raise a child, thequestion for
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