Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 30

Chris Smith
To set aside the time, energy and (?)
(non-alcoholic) toparticipate fully in
the change lab.
To tell my childrenwhat I’mdoing
andwhy I’mdoing it
Tobepresent and engaged
To speakwithpassion and humility
To tell youwhat I care about and know… and to
listen to you andwhat you care about and know
Phil Carlton
Tobe all in for this journey
To look for ways to connect with
journey partners
To speak toThriveBy 5 inmywork
withUpStart andUnitedWay
To look for ways to incorporate
ThriveBy 5 inmyworkwithUpStart
To learnhow to use theplatform
andbe an activepartner
To truly listen tomy journey partners
To invite journey partners to any opportunities that
will enhanceour journey
Tobe a support where needed tomy ThriveBy
Five journey partners
Tobe encouraging teamplayfulness
Janice Iverson
Learn, learn, learn and sharewhat I
know about innovation and change
Free uppersonal space tobe an excellent
participant andwork to address any roadblocks
thatmay emergewithUnitedWay
Todemystify thework
Robyn Sheedy
To increasemy knowledge about
ECDbeyondAHS role
Fully engaged andhave confidence in the journey/
Dedicateweekly time to read, reflect
discusswithothers ThriveBy 5
To keepTheoryU andChange Lab
topofmind inmy thinking in all
areas ofmy life (workwithAHS, life
work, andownparenting)
Meet withmy buddyHolly
To usewhatever influence I have todecrease the
barriers for connectionswithAHS
To not take things personallywhen
they arenot personal
Tomake an effort to integratemyselfmore in the
team; tooffermoreof what I have
Sheryl Fricke
Spend timewith “unusual” suspects
outside theECD space to test and
explore assumptions
Beprepared toparticipate – schedulemeetings
withmyself todopre-reading, reflection and
follow through
Talk less, listenmore
Commit to connect withmy buddy
inbetween now and the learning
Commit tobeingpresent where I can and share
this info inmywork and community
Toparticipate as fully as I can in the
process (during, before and after).
To reflect and slowdown
I will share all the knowledge, skills, information
and resources I have access towith the team
I commit to ensuring I will not let
the ‘noise’ impactmy ability to fully
participate in this process
I commit tomy full participation in theprocess
anddoing thework I need todo to enable that
Lori Gammell
To expandmy awareness of ECD to
create abaselineof knowledge
Tobe awareof timeswhen I’ve
played the “funder” card to exert
power so I can change thatmental
Tobring thebest of what I’m learning about social
innovation and corporateperspective into this
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